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EGM Rumor: Halo MMO in the works

The Rumor Mill page of EGM's December issue may have just revealed what Peter Jackson's Halo project is all about. (Culture, Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved, Xbox 360)

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Atomic Rage  +   2492d ago
Halo MMO
A halo mmo could be kind of cool but would it be just another WoW clone
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2492d ago

WoW was NOT Original
barom  +   2492d ago
I'm guessing more like Huxley
SwiderMan  +   2492d ago
PlanetSide, anyone?
Hopefully like PlanetSide w/o the Monthly Fee. We already have XBL to pay for.
LaxMan986  +   2492d ago
what would you even do???
seriosly you cant make a military based game into an mmo theres no enough depth... no skills to level up in... im not against it i just cant see it happening
wageslave  +   2492d ago
"no skills to level up in... im not against it i just cant see it happening"

Why do you think this? There was a rich backstory and game-universe in Halo. You dont need a "magic" element to have a MMO.

I think this is great news. You can specialize in different gameplay types, perhaps operate an military-industrial economy, trade... who knows.

It doesnt take much imagination to see a great Halo MMO, with Peter Jackson involved.
goodganja  +   2492d ago
Look for this game to be multiplatform. No way you cant develop an MMO game without realizing what PS3 can do.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
KingJFS  +   2492d ago
Maybe I'm being whooshed, but you do realize that Microsoft owns the rights to Halo right?

I never thought blatant fanboyism would get in the way of well known facts.
SwiderMan  +   2492d ago
Sorry goodganja44
I see the Halo MMO FPS sticking to 360 despite Bungie going indie. NMS still has the dev wrapped tightly around its finger IMO.
u got owned  +   2492d ago

Man this guy had smoke so much of that good ganja that he has lost it.
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nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2492d ago
GG44 accomplishes nothing in his sh!tbagged posts, except making the rest of the Ps3 fans look worse.
MK_Red  +   2492d ago
Wow, a PC 360 MMO in Halo universe could rival WoW's popularity and sales.
u got owned  +   2492d ago
That would be awesome...
shysun  +   2492d ago
Halo is the new Mario!
u got owned  +   2492d ago
you better believe it, 4,000,000 copies sold in almost a month is no joke.

watch out Mario because Master Chief is coming for you with a rocket launcher.
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Atomic Rage  +   2492d ago
yea mario with realy big guns
Salvadore  +   2492d ago
This hasn't even been comfirmed yet
MS has so far relased 4 Halo games and you call it the new Mario.
AbyssGravelord  +   2492d ago
Halo is just that good Kar33m!
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2492d ago
I bet
Halo MMO will score 10! Because it -has- to be better then WoW!
Atomic Rage  +   2492d ago
I can agree with that wolf
Atomic Rage  +   2492d ago
I think he meant to say in it's popularity. Halo is the new mario.
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Salvadore  +   2492d ago
Nope, I think he means in the number of games.
shysun  +   2492d ago
I mean both.No one can deny the chokehold Halo has over gamers right now.It's just like Mario in the 80's and early 90's.

I'm not in to Halo as much as others but Halo Wars is something I'm looking forward to. One can only hope that MS doesn't whore out halo as bad as Mario and instead of a new franchise just throw the name Halo on it.

We'll soon see if it helps M$ or kills Halo. real-talk
SwiderMan  +   2492d ago
Halo FPS MMO sounds good because....
...I can't get into WoW. I don't like wizards or knights or whatever. I'm not a fantasy gamer. I like realistic (okay, Halo maybe not be real, but it's futuristic more than fantasy) and love those typyes of games.

So this would be an MMO theme that appeals to me. I hope it's official announced soon.
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2492d ago
This could very well work out just as Halo could work out as a rts game which it was suppose to be originally but thats besides the point.
socomnick  +   2492d ago
:/ daamit I was looking foward to that Peter Jackson Project but not no more I dont have the time or patience for nerdy ass mmorpgs. Give us another fps maybe a multiplayer only version or a rpg.
wageslave  +   2492d ago
Did you miss that Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game? MMORPG?

Few MMO games arent RPGs. Instead of a world inhabited by AI and NPCs, you get other people of varying skill and development.

Halo MMORPG - How awesome that would be. Wow.
zonetrooper5  +   2492d ago
Damn, people have told you so many times, stop being a fanboy and stop using marketing slogans in your comments, it makes you look like a fanboy and you like a sad act tbh. MS owns everything Halo, Bungie no longer owns Halo.
Bladestar  +   2492d ago
One of my favorite MMO was a game published by sony on the PC called Planet Side... sadly the game was abandoned... but it had so much potential... if they can make this game like Planet Side... I will be playing it for years...
Snukadaman  +   2492d ago
This is the problem..by the time this comes out huxley will be allready up and running....
Do we need another run and gun MMO...i doubt it...wow dominates the fantasy MMO genre. But I could be wrong...anything halo is bound too be at least a million seller these days.
predator  +   2492d ago
sounds cool
Pain  +   2492d ago
im sorry but a FPS "Halo" based MMO wow that must be a joke.
take away the halo and ull see FLoOP!!! (But not in the eyes of die hards)

want proof? Tablula Rasa , sound nice, but in reality mabey not.

Just stick to the HALO FPS's only.

Agree or disagree i dont care just fps mmo just bug me raw
Daxx  +   2492d ago
The Halo MMO doesn't have to be an FPS.

If they are going to make this MMO it's probably going to be about the Forerunners and they're process of construction the Halo rings and other structures.
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test123123  +   2492d ago
That is when I will join XBOX Gold live service :)
Umbrella Corp  +   2492d ago
seriosly who trusts egm anymore,i hate those guys.
BlackIceJoe  +   2492d ago
This would be pretty cool. My guess is you would be the marines or the Spartan 3 project. Even if you do not get to be a spartan the game would still be pretty cool. I hope this is true because to me at least this could be awesome.
THE TERMINATOR  +   2492d ago
Probably run at 420p and have serious framerate and aliasing issues LOL
Bolts  +   2492d ago
Halo MMO= Fail
Sorry but I don't see how this MMO could possibly be good. If its like Tabula Rasa it will suck, if its like Planet Side then no one will want to pay for it, if its like Huxley then the Xbox 360 will need a 2 gig RAM upgrade.

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