New Square Enix MMO in Development

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada announced their plans to release an additional MMO to run simultaneously with Final Fantasy XIV.

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Kamikaze1352462d ago

They can barely maintain their latest MMO and they want to release another?

Nes_Daze2462d ago

That's what I was thinking....I take MMO announcements these days like a grain of salt.

kingdavid2462d ago

URGH Square NOONE wants ANOTHER MMO after your crappy last one.

Just stick to making quality single player RPGs - something you havent made for at least 4 years now. Hurry the hell up and do what your fans want.

Reibooi2462d ago

While it's true FFXIV is having trouble that shouldn't impact this game. It won't be made by the team who made XI(as they are still working on XI) or XIV(as that team is trying to get XIV up to par).

Alot of people over on the FFXIV forums seem to think it's possible this may be a Eidos project(Rumor has it that it could be that Fortress Project that was related to FFXII and was cancelled and Eidos is working on it now but who knows).

I wouldn't get all excited over it simply because of the issues relating to FFXIV however I doubt given what happened with XIV that SE will do it again and if they do then they deserve to fail.

Spenok2462d ago

Im pretty sure this is supposed to be retribution for the crapfest that was XIV. I was SOOOO excited for it too. Its just to bad. I have a feeling there going to go more for the general feel of the genre this time around then try to innovate like they did with XIV.

As Reibooi above says i doubt they would go for the same development design process as XIV simply for the matter of fact it doesnt work. Otherwise they simply deserve to fail.

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F4sterTh4nFTL2462d ago

I will faint if that happens.

RBLAZE19882462d ago

Why so they can trash another great series?

JoySticksFTW2462d ago

I hope it's a remake / sequel to FFXI with a few tweaks

That game was magical when it first came out

The best about FFXI when it first came out was the tolerance and fun of mixing and matching subjobs to find out how they complimented each other.

bwazy2462d ago

Agree'd. FFXI was great, wish I kept playing it when I did.

evrfighter12462d ago

ya im also hoping for it to be a ffxi reboot.

Spenok2462d ago

Pretty much just give XI an HD makeover with enough new content added onto what already exists to call it a "New" mmo and im happy! xD

Then again you can still find me playing XI, so either way! lol

bwazy2462d ago

Wow, I knew FFXIV was doing bad (for obvious reasons), but I never thought It would be doing THIS bad.

Xof2462d ago

...Because they've done such a bang up job with XIV, right?

Rai2462d ago

hell yeah its free because of their bang up job. where do they find this confidence..

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The story is too old to be commented.