The Doctor's Opinion : The Term "Gamer"

Dan looks at the term "Gamer" and offers his opinions on thoughts on the negative association with the term "Gamer" and how to get rid of it.

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Dramscus2552d ago

I can't wait until games have the same capacity for emotional content and diversity that novels have. The main thing keeping me from showing games to more people is the lack of games that aren't saviour based.
It's a c9hildish plot device, I stopped day dreaming about saving the world in high school. I want some suspense, some drama, something with emotion and story to keep people hooked. Not just explosions and death. I'm totally bored of that killing thing.

omi25p2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

You dont have to wait. L.A noire,Alan wake, Heavy rain. I would list more games with storys better or as good as great novels. But you said your tired of pointless death and you dont like trying to save the world.

Dramscus2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I've heard good things about LA noire, but was disappointed with heavy rains incoherent story and plethora of plot holes. I've only heard similar things about alan wake. Though they are steps in the right direction. Their definitely no where near any great novels.
They are at best short pulp style paperbacks, can make for good reading.
No one would ever say it holds a candle to books like the hobbit, or the stand, or robot and empire.

omi25p2552d ago

These are games that are as good as great novels but also have alot of necessary killing. Bioshock 1, Dead space 1/2, Dragon age 1. Infamous 1. There are even more games with great storys but they are heavly based of on being a savior

RobotGeekOfficial2552d ago

I feel as though we're still a young medium, and are discovering new boundaries all the time that we need to overcome. While we still are making "good games" , we accept games like Call of Duty, as the gold standard, when really, we need to be crying out to the developers that we want innovation that goes above and beyond this. This is the only way we're going to get things to change quick enough, so we too can have stories that hold up to the Hobbit. One of the problems with non-saviour stories, is that quite often, the younger demographic lose interest rapidly, if they aren't this big hero. After all, what more are games, than a means of escape into fantasy?