Handheld Heroes Reviews - D&D: Daggerdale

Matt writes - "Finally! A downloadable D&D co-op game with a local multiplayer option! So many downloadable titles with co-op don’t have a local option that this is a breath of fresh air. One of the most enjoyable elements of D&D is the time and care spent crafting your character. Oddly, none of that exists in this game. Instead players choose from 4 pre-made options: Human Fighter, Dwarf Cleric, Elf Rogue and Halfing Wizard. These characters play exactly like their D&D counterparts, so don’t expect any surprises, though I would suggest those unfamiliar with D&D 4th Ed. read all the info on their characters to learn the various weapons/armor/powers they can use. Interestingly enough, parts of the errata text on abilities seems as though you could build your own character. Whether this is hold over from standard 4th Ed. rules, or laid in for future releases is unclear."

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