Five Free Games Everyone Should Play

GamerLive.TV draws some attention to five games everyone should play, and won't cost a dime. There are a couple cliches on the list, but also some you might not have heard of.

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zeal0us2679d ago

I thought it said I Wanna Be Gay and not I Wanna Be the Guy lol.

Octodad had me thinking about some estrange father who go around having a bunch of kids not an octopus lol

Saladfax2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Cave Story for sure. It'll probably forever sit in my top 5 games (paid or otherwise).

While I Wanna Be The Guy is an interesting experience for certain, it honestly isn't difficult but a matter of silly design. It's a sequence of trial and error matched with memorization and sequence repetition. Good difficulty is fair; the game allows you to develop the necessary skills to survive. It essentially means you're capable of living through some of the challenges without having to try and try again because the game teaches you how to succeed. Sometimes (see: Demon's Souls) the punishment for failure is brutal, but learning the basic mechanics and protocols means that you only have to learn the same lessons once or twice.

Trial and error is all about learning how to avoid each individual death trap by experiencing it, perhaps more than once. There's not much elegant or subtle about it. That's not to say that IWBTG is at all bad, but the general design and gameplay is pretty much a large series of grinding trial and error.