PCGamer- TERA Preview

PCGamer: "Whilst battle is a deep and satisfying affair, TERA’s questing system offers nothing you’ve not seen elsewhere. For a large proportion of your journey to the upper levels, it looks like you’ll be travelling to destination A to kill X amount of Y, to then return your collection of item Z to area B. The developers are keen to emphasise that there’s little to no grind in TERA, but that’s not strictly true.

Whilst you won’t be grinding outside of quests to gain the needed XP, the quests in themselves seem frequently grind based. There may be pretty cutscenes to break them up, but TERA doesn’t offer the much needed revolution MMOs require on the questing front."

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zeal0us2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Subscription-charging MMO I will try it(open beta if it becomes available) but I will most likely end up leaving it something that free. Better off waiting on GW2 hopefully that won't be p2p.

ATiElite2644d ago

Man I'm foaming at the mouth for Tera! This game is gonna be awesome and not too mention it's really a gorgeous looking game world.

and as a PC Gamer I'm really getting sick of everyone just saying "wait for GW2". it's getting annoying. sure GW2 is gonna stomp a mud hole into most MMO's but so far the combat action and graphics for Tera look so much better.

also GW2 will not have characters as hot as The Castanics!

zeal0us2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

well w8ing for other games beside GW2, it just GW2 seem have the most high-end graphics and still is f2p. Unlike Rift, which I love when I played it hope would be f2p and even tera which I heard first wasnt p2p then later found out it was indeed p2p.

still w8ing on
-rusty hearts
-Archage(believe it will be p2p)
-Blade&Soul(believe it will be p2p also)