Modern Warfare 3 to be Banned in the UK?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 may have hit that nerve with a scene showing a train derailing and exploding in one of London's underground tunnels.

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Dart892613d ago

If they did ban it that would be a blow to activision but more than anything they will just cut that mission out for that region like they did with the No Russian mission in Russia.

CodCom2613d ago

That's what I was thinking. If shove comes to push, they'll just make some adjustments.

evrfighter12613d ago

i lol'd at this part in the Activision statement

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a fictional action game aimed at mature adults "

RBlaze2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I really think whoever thought up this train scene should have some respect... They know full well about 7/7, yet they choose to use a derailing in London? Just to get a bit of extra press?

These guys should learn some damned tact... some things just shouldn't be made, and I think this sort of thing should be avoided.

EDIT: A game like CoD is huge (despite the fact that many dislike it, CoD is a HUGE franchise) and when it releases EVERYBODY will know it's on the shelves... They don't need to get cheap press like this. People ought to know better... I mean, where does it end? When do they decide that something is just a little too much?

NexusCurb2613d ago


Wait... so then it should be banned in USA too? I mean what about New York going down?

HolyOrangeCows2613d ago

I'm pretty sure about 90% of the British population plays call of duty, including 100% of its 12 year olds.
An army of this kid (and similar emotionally disturbed children) would destroy parliament and set up a Call of Duty revolved Monarchy.

In all seriousness, Activision has learned that controversy helps sales.

Shoot up an airport? News stations spending 10 minutes every other 10 discussing it.

New York attacks? Train attack? British and US stations talking Call of Duty 24/7.

I_find_it_funny2613d ago

wordwide ban would be better

Kurylo3d2613d ago

yes of course and you can ban batman while your at it like they tried to do all those years ago... lol

Thats why I am glad to be an american. Freedom of speech.

No game should be banned, I dont care how disturbing. They make it disturbing for a purpose... to get an emotional response. Thats like saying they cant release a movie about 9/11. Sorry Nickholas Cage has been there... done that.

Blackdeath_6632613d ago

they shouldnt cut anything out. why is it that they are not allowed to put a scene of the london trains but are allowed to show scenes when you kill Vietnamese or Iraqis or russians either you leave everything in(it just a game after all) or ban the whole of cod which will make life a more pleasant place.they should just leave it in or make a skip button like the no russian mission.

awi59512613d ago

Train derails have been in movies forever. Do we have to stop doing them for all time? Sometimes people just like to blow things up for ratings like how gta had to remove a airplane mission after 9/11. And that was in the game before 9/11 happened game developers should really blast these damn media people that blow stuff up for ratings. I dont know why the game industry allows them to treat them this way.

badz1492613d ago

Kotick is not stupid enough to let CoD be banned in any country, period!

Kurt Russell2613d ago

The UK won't ban it... They'll be a few jobless mums upset by it and Loose Women will complain it's too violent, but that will be the extent of it.

bluegreenman2613d ago

jesus christ guys its a VIDEOGAME! If every movie that involved one of our beloved superpower countries being attacked got banned, people would be screaming of censorship. They have every right to tell any story they want!

Itzy2613d ago

Can't see that happening. If a movie showed a train blowing up in the underground, would they ban that? Of course not. What's the difference?

DaTruth2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

They'd be pretty hard pressed to find a method of terrorism that hasn't been tried yet and that nobody lost someone to!

You'd pretty much have to avoid nuclear weapons all together to sell your game/movie in Japan

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trunker2613d ago

storm? meet teacup.

V for Vendetta saw a train packed with explosives blow up parliament, what's the big deal? numerous other UK terrorist scenarios played out across other media without this ignorant blathering...

how many people raging 7/7 had any qualms with either no russian or the castro assassination deal in black ops?

Marquis_de_Sade2613d ago

V for Vendetta - 2006

London terrorist bombings - 2007

I had qualms with the castro assassination in Black Ops, I have an intense dislike for CoD in general, since MW1, they just prey upon American paranoia.

theEx1Le2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

@ Marquis_de_sade, really, cause i could of swore the terrorist attacks in London were in 2005.

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Fire17922613d ago

Just stop production of the series....

Vherostar2613d ago

Ah the devs do this for advertising its a shame they have to go to these lengths really for it. I hope it does get banned now. People need to stop buying this garbage and a ban will stop them buying it. Well at least on the 360 clever ps3 owners will just import it..

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hiredhelp2613d ago

if that was aimed at the 7 7 bombings activision really has no heart. Are they gonna do the 911 too.?

i hope this isnt true. cos its not gamers that get to see these games its mothers farthers, worse victims that have kids playing this game.

gunnerforlife2613d ago

Activision Cant be that heartless, can they...?

Rybakov2613d ago

yeah 911 is gonna be MW4 and then America will be pissed of at it

and Activison was prolly best buds with bin laden till he got his ass handed to him

Livin_in_a_box2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

You arse, shut up

EDIT: Not you Klaykid, ha.

Tachyon_Nova2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Whats the issue? They aren't actually recreating the 7th of July attack, it is just a similar event. Crysis 2 is set in New York and an alien vessel flies straight through an office block.

By the way, gamers do get to see these games if they are playing it, just thought I'd point that out.

Edit: If they did recreated 9/11, that would be an issue I agree. But I don't agree that this should mean that anything similar is off limits. Let me give you an example of something that emotionally impacts a lot of people but is still used a lot in many forms of media.

Suicide! Hundreds of Movies contain scenes were someone commits suicide by jumping off a building or some other way. Where is the outcry against this by the many many people who have lost someone they know to suicide?

Edit 2 @ RBlaze - I agree with you in some sense, that they do need to respect that it is a sensitive issue. If the scene is purely to cause outrage and get attention on the game then that would be appaling. If there is a good reason for it in context of the games story though I would not have a major issue with it.

Senden2613d ago

Well it's as dangerously close as it can get. I'd like to think even Activision wouldn't cross this line and if it did I'd be boycotting MW3.

RBlaze2613d ago

I see what you're saying.. But of all the places to choose that scene they pick London? Most other big cities (apart from Madrid) could have had a similar scene without causing nearly as much offence. As I said, I do completely get your point... But I think (as a sign of respect) they should atleast take some measures to avoid direct reference..

gamingdroid2613d ago

People always get offended for something! I say screw them all, I can say what I want and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT!

HappyGaming2613d ago

lol yeah sure try using that mentality in the real world...

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Vherostar2613d ago

Activisions an American company so of course they aint gonna make money off US incidents just other countrys incidents they are heartless and only care about money why dont you people get that?

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hiredhelp2613d ago

true dart they could cut the mission.
but that goes to question if they cutting the mission then surely they know they done something they shouldnt have done.

there just some lines you dont cross. even if it has nothing to do with that event its still made to resemble it in this case London, Tube, add it up if there is a bomb involveed not looking good.

plenty more stuff that could be done using london.

gaden_malak2613d ago

"but that goes to question if they cutting the mission then surely they know they done something they shouldnt have done."

More like they'd cut it to please the minority who make mountains out of molehills.

rabidpancakeburglar2613d ago

There is absolutely no chance of that happening. The UK isn't germany or australia, it takes a hell of a lot to get a game banned here

Dark_Overlord2613d ago

Unless the BBFC tries to make an example of it ALA Manhunt 2