One Of Sony’s Unannounced NGP Titles Is Magnatron

Siliconera: "Magnatron is a game that either is or was in development for the PlayStation 3 at one point, with Sony Computer Entertainment set to publish it. Virtually no information on the title is available other than the screenshots available for it.

An artist resumé on LinkedIn, however, indicates that developer, Playerthree Ltd., are — or were at some point — working on an NGP version of the game."

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Darth Stewie2615d ago

More games the better. I also think Minecraft is coming to the NGP.

lodossrage2615d ago

Nah man, not the NGP

It is coming to the Playstation Phone though. The Xperia play

remanutd552615d ago

well by the looks of it that is 1 game i will not get , but more games the better indeed

BlackIceJoe2615d ago

The game may not look like much. But these screens are most likely from very early in development. So later on the game will look a lot better. I could see the motion sensor being a big factor in this game. So I can't wait to see what this game looks like now.