GamePro- SOCOM 4: Multiplayer Review

GamePro: "The result is that most players seem to approach SOCOM 4 as a team deathmatch game, even when it's not. You can hardly blame them, since it's a deeper issue of game design. Zipper offers lots of game modes and options, but very little incentive to play them.

For instance, there's no meaningful progression based on earning experience points, so it hardly matters if you get 10 experience points for capturing an objective. For the most part, progression consists of leveling up specific weapons to unlock bigger magazines, better accuracy, and less recoil. But the only way to level up these weapons is to get kills, which means your advancement is mostly a matter of your kill count at the end of a match. Team objectives? Pshaw. Who needs 'em?"

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TheColbertinator2679d ago

Great score! Truly impressive.

xPhearR3dx2679d ago

A 6/10 isn't "Truly impressive". Decent maybe, but impressive no.

n4gisatroll2679d ago

Ya...what a horrible score, especially a socom game...I'm truly disappointed hardcore. I love the socom series but after the beta, and all the reviews, and message boards responses, socom 4 as a MP game is trash.