PSN Should Remain a Free Service Despite $170 Million Loss

With a $170 million loss at their hands, Sony has a lot of ground to make up. One way Sony could easily do that is by charging everyone for its online service. Though that's an easy way to do it, I don't think that would be the smart way.

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wiggles2612d ago

Yeah, this article is kinda common sensed, I don't see Sony charging for PSN anytime soon. There is no reason to penalize your customers for a service being down.

Otherwise I don't see how they will make up for the loss. I assume that the CoD Bundle will help but I don't see discounting PSN titles making that much of a dent. If anything they will probably jack up the price of NGP a bit because new hardware is always pricey for early adapters.

Persistantthug2612d ago

It's not going to happen for this generation.....period.

Next gen, PS4, possible, but even then, it's not necessarily true.

guitarded772612d ago

Yeah, Sony never said anything about charging for what is currently free. I don't see it happening next gen either. If people want to pay a little extra for PS+ and get hundreds of dollars worth of bonus content, that's fine, but Sony said that the free services shall remain free... they'd get a good lashing if they ever went back on that. Plus, they're probably still making a good profit from sales through the network.

DaTruth2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

All companies need to learn a lesson from this: If you aren't sending me a product I ordered over the mail, don't ask for or hold on to my address!

Just the theft of their mailing list is a major public relations disaster and it was pointless because Sony never sent me even one thing in the mail. They practically only took the info so I could get pissed when it got stolen!

RememberThe3572612d ago

They are a 10 billion dollar a year company(subsidiary). There is a lot they can do to make up for a 170 million dollar loss. The PSN is going to be a cornerstone for all Sony products, so the loss can be made up for in other areas over time. It's by no means a good thing (we could have gotten some new games) but it's not something they can't bounce back from.

DigitalHorror812612d ago

Actually, I am hoping that Sony DOES NOT incorporate a higher price tag due to the $170M loss. And actually, I think discounted digital games may bring in a LOT of extra money. I personally still plan on buying the two games I meant to buy the day PSN went down.

I wouldn't say they lost revenue from those that are still buying the games they meant to buy during the outage.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2612d ago

"I wouldn't say they lost revenue from those that are still buying the games they meant to buy during the outage."

That's what I don't get. I can see how sales on, for example May 4, right in the middle of the outage, would be way down from May 4, 2010, but I don't see how this outage is going to cost Sony as much as they think it will, at least in lost revenue.

Consider... if I were planning on buying ModNation Racers, but I didn't have the money for it until April 21st, day 2 of the service outage. I had already bought the gift card, so now what?? wait for the service to be restored and buy the game then.

I can see a massive expenditure for upgrading their security: beefing up the software, working people around the clock, hiring outside consulting firms, stuff like that. But I doubt they lost as much as they think they did, just because people are waiting for the chance to buy the game they were going to buy when the network went down.

drsnobby2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

When the PS4 gets released,free online will be a thing of the will charge on day 1 for PSN.

Dart892612d ago

Omg are you from the future??If so can you please tell us what the ps4 will look like??

shadowknight2032612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

haha I will laugh if this actually turns out to be true. Then Ill cry :(

Sony is smart though. They know PSN free is the way to be.

BlackTar1872612d ago

Well you know. Its kinda weird becasue its as if Sony charges already with the way people act. Other then from PS fans you don;t hear any praise for it being free its like with most sony stuff is just not talked about but god forbid xbox went free it would be end of world stuff

Armyntt2612d ago

I kinda expect $ony to charge as well.

DA_SHREDDER2612d ago

I hope they do charge for online. I just dont see why companies like xbox live charge so much for it though? I think 2 bucks a month, 30 for the year is more than sufficient enough. I cant bring myself to pay these companies 60 to 80 bucks a year just to pay online. My internet just raised my internet by 50 more dollars a month cause its been a year, I had to switch companies cause i just couldn't do that much. Like I said, im down for paying for a service, but chargeing 7 to 10 bucks a month is ridiculous since we spend money monthly anyways. PC users, devs, and publishers offer games and get their money through micro transactions, why should consoles be any different?

shikamaroooo2612d ago

I remember xbotz claiming psn downtime would cost billions

BlackTar1872612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )



yep they did sound something like that

You know what this website is getting ridiculous. I lose a bubble for being off topic?????

wannna know hoe to scare off your fans is punish them for basically nothing but then let the normal trolls go and get away with anything.END |RANT

Neo Nugget2612d ago

Why lose billions when you could lose.....Millions? MWUAHAHA!

R_aVe_N2612d ago

170 million in the big picture is not very much. They will make back most of that when PSN is fully online again. I know for one that I have a lot of content that I will be downloading as soon as it is up. PSN will remain free at least until the PS4 launches if they change it then I really don't see a problem.

drsnobby2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

If thats what it takes to get a safer online service,then so be it.XBL made over a billion $ in 2009 and sony wants to get that kind of revenue on online will not be on the next ps4.its not about loyalty it,s about money and sony needs and wants it.

radphil2612d ago

You know they aren't just a gaming company just like MS isn't only a gaming company also.

What they may lose in one area, they could make up for it in another section of electronics. It doesn't only have to be focused into gaming.

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