Xbox Live Is Back In Order

“The #XboxLIVE Marketplace should be working fine now. Sorry about the issues earlier today, and thanks for being patient”.

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Kon2554d ago

Misleading title is misleading.

theafroman2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

That did not take too long. kidding lol.

Neo Nugget2554d ago

Wouldn't it be funny if Xbox Live went down for maintenance?

Well, not really FUNNY, because I don't like it when any gamer can't play online, but it would be interesting to see how people who talked a bunch of crap during the PSN downtime react.

jdoggystyyle2554d ago

calm down little nugget the 10 min down time of the market place shouldnt be compared to the ps3 month long disaster.

Nes_Daze2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Why does PSN have to come up each time news about this shows up?
Not to mention the little hints at it below, stop worrying about PSN, I wasn't worried about the xbox360 when RROD popped up, since I didn't have one.

GameNTrain2554d ago

This post has been updated as I am still experiencing issues with the Marketplace. So much for Mr. Nelsons Tweet

Firstkn1ghT2554d ago

No need to apologize, thank you for not putting my credit card info in jeopardy and having no significant problems or downtime.

SoSLy2554d ago

HA! I see what you did there!

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