Examiner - The Witcher 2 review : a superb RPG

Examiner: CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a superb, engaging RPG (role-playing game) that is as astonishing to play as it is to look at. It should be at the top of every RPG fan’s list of games to play this year.

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BeastlyRig2337d ago

wow another one? go CDP!

Heartnet2336d ago

hmm Good Score games not worth a 5/5.. maybe 8/10 just cuz the combat sccuks haha graphics and story are good though :)

codename132336d ago

n00b gamer .. :P
quit ur gaming life or wait unless you grow up .. :P


Ohhh the guy cant have an opinion of his own! He must think everything is awesome like me, if he doesnt he clearly plays COD, is worse at games than me (because thats an achievment), has less intelligence and needs to grow up because he has a differing opinion to my own that I cant handle!

Game is great but accusations like that against someone who has a differing opinion are just plain childish.

Trust me Codename your the one in need of some growing up.

BeastlyRig2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

if combat it the problem then Oblivion should have gotten a 7.5..

Heartnet2335d ago

sine im gettnig all this ahte from saying the combat sucks i will explain...

Parrying for one does nto work as it takes to long to play the animation and 2 it changes target to dramatically and normally the furthest one away for which you cannot hit so you miss and you lose health.. this happens way to often imo..

and yes i could just be plain crap at this game but these problems are out of my control unless i want to be spamming the Alt button all the time in which i do not :)

So please shush :)

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Hellsvacancy2336d ago

I hope it comes to the PS3, id defo buy it, if not

PS3Almeida2336d ago

I think it comes to PS3 and Xbox360 at the end of this year.

Substance1012336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Not a console owner, however from what i am hearing this will make its way to 360 not the PS3. because CDprojeckt are a small developer and dont have the expertise to code this for the PS3, hence they wont be investing in trying to learn the completely different architechture of the PS3.

Anyways my brother is a PS3 fan too, hes playing this on his PC using a DS3, feels like playing on a super power PS3 ;-) Specially since the PC version runs in 1080p maxed out graphics.

InfiniteJustice2336d ago

In all fairness, if CDP did port this to consoles, they would probably make a gigantic profit - it would sell rather well, and it didn't have a very large budget compared to most games.

Killzone3___2336d ago

im buying this , it works on my laptop :D ..

i'll buy this game and inFAMOUS 2 which have Uncharted 3 beta !

i'll be busy in holiday :D

Substance1012336d ago

Dont think it will run well on a laptop.

bumnut2336d ago

Ive only just started playing the first game, I got it for £3.70 off steam but only got round to starting it last night.

Maybe I will get 2 cheaper by the time I finish the first game.