Xbox LIVE Arcade Update: D&D: Daggerdale welcomes XBLM back

El33tonline writes:

"Now that Xbox LIVE Marketplace is fully functional and not “acting up” anymore, you’re now very welcome to browse the list of Xbox LIVE Arcade games on the service (both via your Xbox 360 and and make your way over to the ‘D’ section of the available offerings.

What brand new XBLA game will you find there? Why, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale from Atari, of course!"

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zeal0us2552d ago

seen the review for the game on joystiq, man they hated it

Vherostar2552d ago

Thank god Xbox live is back.. Amazing though the minute PSN messes up N4g goes mental yet next to nothing on here when XBL went and messed up for a day.