Modern Warfare 3 Won't Be Beaten By Battlefield 3 - Analyst

NowGamer: Battlefield 3 won't challenge sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but could significantly impact the franchise's dominance for the duration of the current console generation according to Janco analyst Mike Hickey...

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just_looken2644d ago

na mw3 will be for cod noobs and bf3 will be for sniper campers/puppy guardians(people that destroy the entire building with the objectives in it then w8 for you to get it). Oh dont forget your 200 rounds lmg

zerox5052644d ago

and yet people complain more of the BS happening in cod. lol sniper campers are annoying 12 year old kids that should move on to cod, hopefully you realized dice moved most of the mcoms away from the buildings so it wont be destroyed by destruction 2.0 and 200 round lmgs are....sort of a problem but not that annoying when you learn to overtake them

MaxXAttaxX2644d ago

It isn't always about sales.

skyward2644d ago

So what should we be playing? ARMA? OpFlash? I don't think so. Expecting big things from BF3, less so from MW3...

BrunoM2644d ago

lol all i can think is is gona be sad to be online on it and all thouse kids going nuts ...

and other point its not going to stop until noth games are out for a few months and plays habe the saying ..

just_looken2644d ago

well this year on getting sr3 2last year pc games and uc3 thats it i have 30+ games that have inches of dust last gen>this gen

BeastlyRig2644d ago

cod! The only game that lets you stand face to face as you get killed holding a sub machine gun while someone dives and knifes you in mid air!!

Clarence2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Well what about the rediculous knife kills in COD.

All Bull$h!t

Stewie2k82644d ago

your joking right? i could easily come up wth more bs in COD than Battlefield. that was a bad attempt at trying to hurt battlefield.

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Kee2644d ago

Really? You don't say...

Kon2644d ago

Thanks captain obvious.

Jack-H2644d ago

HAHA sorry I just imagined you kind of busting through that guy's roof or some other nonsense(lol). *slow clap* VERY funny. :)

CaliGamer2644d ago

Depends on what you define as "beaten", if you mean sales then MW3 probably has an edge due to its already established user base (people fed up with Activision like myself not withstanding).

If you are talking about overall quality of product and innovation, I think that we are yet to get enough information to call MW3 the winner over BF3.

I for one, and this is pure speculation based on what I have seen, believe that BF3 might take this one.

iHEARTboobs2644d ago

They're talking sales, nothing else.

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The story is too old to be commented.