Xboxliveaddicts: Battle VS Chess review

The Kings' Game- Completely different!

Chess is one of the oldest board games in history and also one of the most popular; it challenges people of all ages and requires strategic planning both in long term and short term moves with one goal at the end to place your opponent’s King into checkmate. Battle Chess was first seen in 1988 arriving first on the Commodore Amiga then onto other platforms. Now TopWare Interactive has made it available for Xbox 360 in a stunning package which is a delight for any Chess fan.

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Redgehammer2679d ago

OMG that is SWEET!! Battle Chess on my Amiga was one of my favorite games, and by far my all time favorite chess game. I am so picking this up.

Bigpappy2679d ago

Interesting indeed. I my just pick this up for my son, and to teach myself to play properly.

b_one2679d ago

hmmmmm TopWare sounds like Polish developer...they started on c64 i think...