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Faded Reality is a hidden object title that is lacking in many areas. From the article:

"Faded Reality is a hidden object title that is really confusing. The story isn't developed very well or told in a way that makes sense, and it ends up abruptly. The hidden object aspect is good, but very simplistic. It has a unique feature that gives it an innovative twist, but doesn't really elevate the game. And the mini-games, for the most part, are tedious. It's not a great game, but it could have been."

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Corrwin2611d ago

"Faded Reality is not a good game" - Score: 5.6

5 means average, people! If it's bad it's a 3 or 4!

Don't be afraid to lower the score to match the review!

Rosethorn2609d ago

Anything less than 7 is not playable to me. That leaves me 6 points of bad games, so it's just a matter of scale when it comes to bad, and yes there needs to be 6 points to describe variety in bad games.