Girl dresses in Zelda outfit - Phantom Hourglass review

The latest incarnation of Zelda for the Nintendo DS has been setting sales charts on fire, and this lass obviously decided that the way to give her opinion about the game was whilst dressed up as the game's main character and sat on a small mushroom.

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Cat4074d ago

well, technically she dressed in a Link outfit...

Twizlex4074d ago

It's a Zelda outfit too - an outfit from the Zelda games. It's like saying she dressed in a Halo outfit if she dressed as Master Chief. I'm curious if she WANTED to do this or if she was ordered to do it. Either way, I'm embarrassed...

Cat4074d ago

yeah yeah, i get the generalization, i was just trying to emphasize the geekiness. would've been better if the review was given by drunk link. ;)

nirwanda4074d ago

I bought this to console my self when 360 red ringed the puzzles are so unique it's fantastic.
I don't see what all the fuss is about with the making the puzzles too easy as all the puzzles in the other zelda games had started to get a bit jaded with bombs moving belts and torches puzzles.

Cat4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

it's a really fun game, i just wish there were more side quests! (it's very temple-->sail-->temple)

Edit: yeah, the temple designs are great -- and the whole shovel bit is more than a little amusing. the ground is full of rupies!!! i love that you can dig up any spot of dirt with great benefit.

nirwanda4074d ago

some of the side quest where dam inventive like the island without a map and there is allway's about 5 places to go that isn't the destination but it would have been nice to earn the treasure maps rather than just that looks like a dodgy bit of ground I'll dig there
but it's the level design in the dungeon's that has got me hooked like in the main temple where you use the hour glass the way you play it differently each time with new items to get more time.