Stranglehold Gone Gold for Playstation 3

Today, Midway anounced that Stranglehold has gone gold for the Playstation 3 and will be available on October 29, 2007. The action third-person shooter done in collaboration with John Woo will pack the film "Hard-Boiled" in the Collector's Edition for $69.99.

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gtgcoolkid4069d ago

I had actually forgotten about this game until just now and I expect a lot of the other PS3 fans have as well.

Skerj4069d ago

Yeah uh they missed a critical window in September when this would have more than likely sold more than it will when they release it alongside all the other big games we were waiting for. Then they'll start complaining that no one bought the game gee I wonder why. .. I would have picked it up last month too but now I don't know, got too much stuff to play as it is and waay more coming out.

ruibing4069d ago

Yeah, they can't honestly expect to sell well when they delayed the PS3 version and release it when such looked forward to exclusives such as R&C, Uncharted, and Haze are coming out. Midway needs to get its act together.

PS360WII4069d ago

Hurray now I get my Blueray movie plus game soon ^^

TheGamer4069d ago

who cares? Release it a month before on XBOX and then release it a month later alongside other better and great games.

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