Could U.K. Review of Violent Games Actually be Reasonable?

When Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced in September that his government would launch a study of the effects of violent games and the Internet on children, there was much eye-rolling among cynical gamers.

After all, government officials and game bashing go together like fish and chips. But surprising early comments from TV shrink Dr. Tanya Byron, leader of the inquiry, indicate that there may actually be some objectivity afoot.

Although Byron didn't address the video game issue, she did remark on the Internet aspect, as reported by the Evening Standard:

Byron says society has become so "risk averse" that many young people no longer know how to protect themselves from harm such as web paedophiles.

"…We obviously have to be vigilant about people with inappropriate desires. But we can't wrap our children in bubble-wrap because then we remove the opportunity for them to live life… Some risks are unacceptable but if it gets to the point where children can't play with conkers, how can you enable children to manage risk?"

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