Exclusive Uncharted Drake's Fortune video from a french website

"" has posted a new video for Uncharted Drake's Fortune, this level is called "Pillage de tombe" . Enjoy.

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TheMART4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

That is looking pretty good. Although the graphics of Gears of War are more impressive in quality and textures. I think I would put this on the quality of Bioshock in terms of graphics. Still nice. Only thing that seems to need a little bit of work is the AI of the opponents


@ Tim

There hasn't changed so much. I have always been saying Uncharted looks to be one of the few great AAA on or above 90% games for the PS3 the coming time. Thus: props were props can be given, if it stinks I will say it also. Up to now PS3 and its content had a fishy smell. This game seems right on. I'll play it when it releases to see if the AI has shaped up!

big_tim4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Keep up the positive comments.


I knew you couldn't keep to this game. But unlike you, I want the best for each machine. I each machine to survive.

At least you gave it props.

masterg4070d ago

What I like better about uncharted compared with Gears of War and Bioshock is the variety.

In both those games I felt that the next level was too much "more of the same". From all the different videos of Uncharted it looks like we are in for a real treat when it comes to keeping the gameplay fresh at all times. Of course this is no surprise when we know its Naughty Dog who's behind it.

kingboy4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

You might fool them but not me ,now back to the subject matter
Uncharted owns anything on console so far

goodganja4070d ago

How will the Mart play it if he doesnt have a PS3? Or is there something he's been hiding all this time?

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Takumi864070d ago

MaRTY bOy!!!!

OK that's your opinion but on my opinion if you wawnt best graphics go for PCcuz those two game is also on pc and PC is more Reliatbilty than the crapy xboxRROD

not so Exclusive now

but if you want to play Uncharted buy PS3 bcoz that game is on PS3 only not PC

360 has no Exclusive most of them are on PC that is why get PC more Reliability better graphics for just $700 you can build your onw PC ,

TheMART4070d ago

@ goodganja44

I have exactly ONE friend with a PS3. Many others play 360's. That one friend is a reviewer that got his PS3 for free and he gets all the games for free. So that's where I'll probably play it.

@ Kingboy

Dude who should I be fooling with reality. Oh wait you're from France.

@ Takumi

You're missing some big AAA 360 games there mate. Who cares if some come to PC where you need an expensive rig for? BTW I'll probably will be buying a PS3 when its worth it. Christmas 2008 probably for 200 to 300 Euro, with Home final version, white one with Rumble controller and some good/great games to play. At the moment? Even with Ratchet (kiddy) it's not worth it. Even with Uncharted its not worth it. With Uncharted, GT5 (if it doesn't drive as bad as GT4HD) and some other upcoming games that I like it could get interesting. In a year time from now it is.

I Make Stuff Up4070d ago

"You're missing some big AAA 360 games there mate."

No, nobody is missing anything 360 related. We're talking about a PS3 game here. Please leave.

Kleptic4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


I don't know what it is you do in the industry...but it is very obvious that you are not needed in it at...I understand both sides has very annoying people that are legitimately blind...and get invovled with websites that are a 100% joke...but you are on of the only people coming out in the open with it...

look at your first post..."lacks the graphics of Gears of War in quality and textures"...what does that mean?...Gears of War is not the best looking game ever made anymore...hell Oblivion had better textures, draw distances, and just as good lighting...and the PS3 ended up getting the best looking version of that game...

you won't admit it anyway...but Uncharted isn't just a static environment like Gears...trees move...bushes sway as you move through them...changes in wind speed are calculated...the lighting is used on all of that also...the water has the most realistic rippling yet when a character interacts with it...the explosions, and what they do to surroundings are some of the best ever made so far...and lets not even get into bodies disappearing, probably the biggest problem with those early UE3 games (gears and Vegas)...not to mention the lack of any blood splatter/decaling except for a seriously ugly pool of red...

I am not saying Gears looks looks fantastic, and was one to really start off this generation...but it isn't sitting in the thrown anymore...both consoles have recieved games that do more impressive things now...

I leave you with this...please try not to compare it to any other game right now...

and this real-time rendered cut scene...


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felidae4070d ago

this is definitely the best looking videogame ever created.

can't wait ...

totao4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

the visuals in this game are simply amazing. I love how real the water in the distance look

Darkiewonder4070d ago

But I would like to shoot the girl to see how she reacts xD.

Game looks good. AI needs a bit more work. They just stand there to get beat up O.o

I Make Stuff Up4070d ago

I think we have to keep in mind that developers make a they throw 100 dim-wits at the player, or 5 REALLY hard-to-beat ones?
I think they went for a balanced approach here...not TOO tough to beat, but enough of them to make it entertaining and dangerous enough.
Not many people want to play a game that is stupidly hard to beat.

Darkiewonder4070d ago

Maybe it was just the level. I remember watching others where it was a challenge.

Anyways. As long as Uncharted puts up a fight, it'll be worth playing.

Premonition4070d ago

I hope they work on the girl more cause in that video you were doing way to much work while she had a gun and hid most of the time, I say if you have a partner they should help you out alot, I hate when your team mates sit back and do nothin, but as for the game I cant wait to play it.

eagle214070d ago

mart, until you have a blu ray disc version, keep your biased opinion to yourself. This game engine is unmatched.

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