Microsoft India Launches Xbox LIVE And Then Some

Talking to the press at the Shangri-La hotel in New Delhi, the Microsoft Awesome Foursome - Robbie Bach (President, Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division), Alan Bowman (Director, Home and Entertainment Division, Asia Pacific), Ravi Venkatesan (Chairman, Microsoft India) and Mohit Anand (Country Manager, Entertainment and Devices, Microsoft India) - knocked everyone over with a barrage of announcements.

The biggest of them - Xbox LIVE. Announcing that the online service would be made available on November 5th, Robbie also said that PC gamers would be welcomed into the fold as well with Games for Windows LIVE, in addition to a ton of new accessories that should find their way onto shelves pretty soon.

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socomnick3892d ago

yay I can halo against the tech support guys now !!!!

Ignorant Fanboy3891d ago

On the map of the world that shows all the players, I love seeing that one poor soul in south africa that plays halo all the time, he must be king of his village! The only person for thousands of miles playing Halo.

Sam Fisher3892d ago

i get to go against cab drivers....heray....

lynx1halo3892d ago


Boink3892d ago

This will allow the people who work for xbox live tech support to actually use the service.

kingfury3892d ago

Microsoft claims to be worldwide and they cant even support countries like India? What kind of business is that? That's why they'll be out of the console race by 09. Shoddy consumer support deserves to be trashed.

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