World Cyber Games Grand Finals Tournament results

If your unfamiliar with the World Cyber Games (or WCG), it is an international gaming competition. Much like the Olympics, gamers from around the globe (currently 74 countries)represent their country in multi-player videogaming all vieing for the coveted gold medal.

Results were as follows.

Gold- France
Silver- Denmark
Bronze- Ukraine

Warcraft III
Gold- Norway
Silver- China
Bronze- South Korea

Starcraft: Brood War
Gold- South Korea
Silver- China
Bronze- Germany

Fifa '07
Gold- Germany
Silver- Spain
Bronze- Bulgaria

Need for Speed: Carbon
Gold- Brazil
Silver- Netherlands
Bronze- Russia

Command & Conquer 3
Gold- United Kingdom
Silver- Germany
Bronze- Germany

Age of Empires III
Gold- South Korea
Silver- U.S.A.
Bronze- Germany

Gold- Brazil
Silver- Italy
Bronze- Brazil

Gears of War
Gold- U.S.A.
Silver- Netherlands
Bronze- United Kingdom

Dead or Alive 4
Gold- U.S.A.
Silver- Sweden
Bronze- U.S.A.

Project Gotham Racing 3
Gold- Netherlands
Silver- U.S.A.
Bronze- China

Tony Hawks Project 8
Gold- U.S.A.
Silver- United Kingdom
Bronze- Austria

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bluebrad19744069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I can't believe South Korea took the bronze in Warcraft. I figured that they would dominate in that competition. Although, they did take the gold in Starcraft.

The UK put Australia out in the finals on Gears of War. My aussie buddy on Live is going to get a kick out of that.