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Submitted by ItsEvan 1649d ago | screenshot

Is Modern Warfare 3 Recycling Animations? [PICS]

Now, the actual reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 3 didn’t leave me much to work with, but what I did find out may stir some resentment (or apathy!) of what the newest installment of the franchise has to offer. I could have included the standard running, reloading, and taking cover animations, but I figured that it was pretty standard to keep those in as well. Wouldn’t really hurt Infinity Ward/Raven Software/Sledgehammer Games if they added new animations for those, actually, it’d be quite refreshing if they did, in my opinion. (Dev, Infinity Ward)

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Hagaf22  +   1649d ago | Well said
Ofcourse they are, that's part of the "milk Call of Duty to death" scheme they are working on. Same game different locales.

And it will still be the number 1 selling game for 4 months. Gamers buy this, then complain its the same game. Dont buy the game and make them make a game people want again.
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flankhim  +   1649d ago
Why not? People still buy madden every year and they take features out.
Hagaf22  +   1649d ago
True. But I don't support Madden or any other annual sports game. Why am I going to pay 60 bucks for a game with new rosters and 2-3 new features. That seems like DLC to me.
badz149  +   1649d ago
that sure says something about average customers' intelligence, doesn't it?
vickers500  +   1649d ago

You bring up an interesting point. I constantly see extreme hatred towards Call of Duty and those who buy/enjoy the game on this site, but whenever it comes to the subject of the Maddens and the NCAAs, people don't care, they ignore it and move on.

What makes CoD more deserving of hate than those two franchises? I'm pretty sure they still have that day one dlc crap. I'm also sure both games are just as badly supported as CoD, where CoD has only a few ineffective patch releases, EA charge for the online portion of those two sports franchises and then close the servers for them down in like 2-3 years.

The situations are pretty much equal (unless I'm missing another factor here), so why the extreme hate for CoD but not NCAA or Madden? Why make a big deal about CoD only adding new maps, weapons (both of which, maps and weapons, they add quite a LOT compared to other games), and a few new features (theatre mode, wager matches, gun/character customization) but not make a big deal out of sports games with simple roster changes and a few other features?

If you complain about Call of Duty being rehashed, but buy rehashed sports games, then you are simply a hypocrite.

Why cant you Call of Duty haters simply just treat Call of Duty like you treat NCAA and Madden? Just ignore them. Madden and NCAA games have a place in gaming for those people who like sports games, just as Call of Duty has a place for people who like fast paced, chaotic, arcadey FPS games (of which is pretty much non-existant in the FPS community, fast paced fps games that is, there are very little to no other games that are anywhere near the pace of CoD, therfore CoD remains the only option for people who want a fast paced/arcade style shooter).
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QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1649d ago
Bubbles to Flankhim for the pointed question.
Bubbles to vickers for the intelligent, if a little wordy, answer.
I_find_it_funny  +   1649d ago
not buying
crxss  +   1649d ago
and this is why you get Battlefield 3 this year.
Heartnet  +   1648d ago
True every game series will include same animations/textures models etc.. if an animation looks good why change it lol...

if you can make it look more realistic change it if nto dont complain :)
xalexon  +   1648d ago
@flankhim, vickers
nice strawman, but pointing fingers and saying "haha, he does it too!" doesnt make it right does it?
vickers500  +   1648d ago
"@flankhim, vickers
nice strawman, but pointing fingers and saying "haha, he does it too!" doesnt make it right does it?"

No, it sure as hell doesn't make it right whenever these hypocrites that constantly bash CoD have the gall to continue to bash CoD even though they themselves partake in purchasing the same old rehashed crap sports games over and over again (some even with features taken out I'm told, at least CoD doesn't REMOVE features with each installment).

But I know you meant the actual act of rehashing the games, which if you actually read my post and didn't skim through it, you would know that my point wasn't at all whether or not rehashing games is good or bad, but rather peoples hypocricy towards the whole thing. Basically, if you buy rehashed sports games or don't also complain about/extremely hate sports games as much as you hate CoD, then you are a hypocrite, plain and simple.

Obviously these hypocrites just realized that they are hypocrites since I have not seen a single explanation or response towards my original post. All they can do is cowardly hit the disagree button (or the bubble down button if they really have a lot of life to waste).
NexusCurb  +   1649d ago

They should start a COD game with new engine and every thing new so that way we can actually see some "improvements" on graphics, lags etc... because COD franchise is still on its COD4 graphics (that's 2006) with just some crappy and fancy destruction that it is nowhere compared to other games. Or they shouldn't release any other COD until the next gen consoles. But of course that won't be possible because Acitivision want to rip off people, and they know that all the die-hard fans (and blind people) will get it from the first day. So for them it is not bad to make a few billions every year with a copy/paste without having to do any hard work.

Yes, you I might say "probably you will be the first one buying it" yes might buy it, but wanna know the resaon why I MIGHT buy it? Because I know that most of my friends will get it (so a game, online is not so fun if you're not playing with your friends, of course unless you don't play for fun, and take it seriously). But hold on there! Activi$ion I won't be giving you $60, If I buy it, I'll buy it when it is under $30 (used)
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-PINNER-  +   1648d ago
I don't understand when it comes to CoD and BF, why so many people argue so agressively for one or the other. If you don't want to buy a game becuase becuase it's animations haven't changed, then don't. Spend your money on what you like. Slowly people will make the same choice based on their own reasons.

I like BF and MAG online way more than I like MW. I've put 200 hrs into BFBC2, and probably a 100 hrs into the last 4 CoD's combined. But, I will still buy MW3 along with BF3 this fall because I enjoy them both. They are different games, but they're both pretty good. I just prefer a more team based game online and there is none better than BF when it comes to team play.

Bottom line no one buys either of these games based on them having new animations. Both games have huge user bases, so why does anyone care who buys or plays either of these games.

And for all of the Madden analogies, it's a stupid comparison because football has a static rule set. There's just not a lot that can be change from year to year. That would be like CoD having only one map, one gun, and new characters each year.
nopunctuation  +   1649d ago
Now we know how they are able to release these games once a year.
Drazz  +   1649d ago
We've known that for quite some time....
HappyGaming  +   1648d ago
By having 2 different teams release a game each every 2 years just like naughty dog release an uncharted game every 2 years...

2 years is more than enough time to make a game it depends on how much effort is put into too and infinity ward probably spend more time and money on advertising campaigns than on making their games...
midgard227  +   1649d ago
Call of duty: Modern Map Pack 20 it should be called because all these cod games are, are map packs priced at 60
AJKanismajoris  +   1649d ago
and every battlefield game isn't and what's the point in a sequel if it's completely different??
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1648d ago

Battlefield has only improved with each iteration.
xalexon  +   1648d ago
BF3 looks nothing like any of the bad company games to come out. And theres nothing wrong with a sequel so long as they actually put some effort into improving SOMETHING
NoobSessions  +   1649d ago
If I dont notice...
then it doesnt make any difference to me.
FOXDIE  +   1648d ago
Agreed with #1, I dont understand why people keep buying these 60$ DLC, when Valve + many other developers support their games and give you free stuff long after their game releases!
Nitrowolf2  +   1649d ago
Yup just another re-skin
they don't even bother using new animations
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LostDjinn  +   1649d ago
This can only end badly.
badz149  +   1649d ago
not really
says Kotick!
disturbing_flame  +   1649d ago
The new engine have been designed for this generation for COD 4 by Infinity Ward, since COD 4 it's the same game.
death2smoochie  +   1649d ago
Same game...same crap...same ol same ol.
They will keep doing this until people stop buying into this tired ass franchise.
gypsygib  +   1649d ago
Yeah from COD2.

There's nothing wrong with that per se, it makes sense to re-use assets. The problem is that they don't use them to make improvements on subsequent games, they just recycle the game but with minor MP tweaks and new environments.....every year.

You think by now the animations would be incredible and the AI amazing but the AI is the same and so is everything else.

Still a fun game for many, just not for me anymore. In 4 years I've put over 150 hrs and $200 in COD SP and MP, I'm's boring.
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Chapulin  +   1649d ago
Easy money.
awiseman  +   1649d ago
Animation recycling? More like full game recycling to me. I your wondering why im mad, its because I just got of MW2 after rage quiting.
Kon  +   1649d ago
Hahaha The first time i saw the video i said to myself: I already saw that boat scene in MW2... Exactly like that. And that car scene was like the first mission of Blops.
AJKanismajoris  +   1649d ago
So there not allowed to use boats in any COD game because they used one in MW2? or cars??
NamelessTed  +   1649d ago
Why wouldn't they recycle animations? Clearly the several previous Call of Duty titles have some solid animation. Why go through all the trouble of making new animations and wasting that time when you already have a large collection of good animation?
Trunkz Jr  +   1649d ago
Uhhh, cause they have the money to make them? They don't need to use selling points like new animations cause their just lazy, they know they can do as little work as possible and sell for millions, so sadly it all comes down to profit.

Their "destruction" selling bit is just trying to say "Hey BF3 has it, we have some as well?" Sorry, Black Ops will be my last.
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NamelessTed  +   1649d ago
But the point is that they should be wasting time and money on something just for the sake of it. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. In my opinion the CoD series has become increasingly stale but it has nothing to do with using the same animations.

I am actually interested in playing the single player of Modern Warfare 3. It looks like the team has spent their time wisely by creating awesome locations across the continent of Europe and that is much more interesting to me that the possibility of a slightly different "oh shit, I need to duck" animation.
AJKanismajoris  +   1649d ago
Just because they have the money doesn't mean they SHOULD use it for everything, the animations are fine
Otheros00  +   1648d ago
Cod IS Broken!!! Every cod that came out after mw2 has the EXACT SAME BUGS and GLITCHES as mw2.
BX81  +   1649d ago
People just want to hate on this game because it carries the COD title. I agree why make completely new animations for everything. CODMW has had bigger and better action packed levels than the previous title and I wouldn't expect MW3 to be any different. A lot of people let their hatred for the MP aspect of the game carry over to single player for some reason. I don't see anyone crying about Kratos swinging his chains around the same way or Scorpion throwing his dagger the same way.
HK6  +   1649d ago
Just another prime example of squeezing every dollar out of a series that hasn't gained quality since 2007.
BLAKHOODe  +   1649d ago
I don't think this is that big a deal. To redo every single aspect of the game would take away from the game's charm - obviously they need to change things up ENOUGH for it to be an all new experience, BUT at the sametime, you want to keep things somewhat familiar.

I'm sure Battlefield will do the same.
Ser  +   1649d ago
Battlefield 3 is using a a new engine, I'm pretty sure we can expect some new animations.
AJKanismajoris  +   1649d ago
i love reloading guns upside down!!!!

anyone else? or am i the only one
DAS692  +   1649d ago
Of COURSE they are...
This is Activision.. Not DICE... :)
tunytung  +   1649d ago
Haters gonna hate.
they always do.
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ndl1531  +   1649d ago
sure budy im really hating on this recycled trash . its people like u that make this mediocre crap stay in the past while everything else pushes forward. same dam $hit every year. they are milking the cow dry folks and its ok cuz is call of dudu . sad really because this is gonna sell millions but just remember mcdonald's also sells millions but its nowhere near the best burger.
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AJKanismajoris  +   1649d ago
so every sequel is recycled trash??

What about Final Fantasy?
What about Gran Turismo, need for speed?
What about Mario, sonic or legend of Zelda?


why don't you just stop playing games?
waterboy  +   1649d ago
why do more battlefield fans show up on these posts than cod fans? oh and for the people always downing and ragging on cod your making the game look better and better saying its the same game is so untrue its rediculous and you must not be an owner of all the cod games from cod 4 til black ops cause as someone thats had all of them through that set they all look different and play different and are different but ofcourse multiple account people will give themselves agrees and ofcourse supporters of cod will get only disagrees
waterboy  +   1649d ago
oh and by the way whoever compiled all of this about recycling animations and such comparison screens really has no life and is a serious call of duty hater just like 99% of posters online on the internet
HacSawJimThugin  +   1649d ago
I'm glad I got off of the COD train after MW2. I only bought the game because of friends but will not make that mistake again. I have friends now trying to convince me to get MW3 so we can play together but FUCK THAT SHIT!!

Military shooters are lame nowadays. Over saturation has made the genre stale and I am looking in other areas for my gaming fix. Skyrim will be the only FP perspective I will play this year and Bioshock Infinite next year. Even though Battlefield looks amazing, I am not jumping on the bandwagon because I'm simply tired of playing a guy in fatigues shooting up shit.

My to do list consist of these...and many more.
Gear 3-(Unlike COD, this franchise has gotten progressively better each game. If you think differently then you must of not had any beta kicked ass!!)

Dark Souls
Prototype 2
Asura's Wrath
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
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General Shrooms  +   1649d ago
All game developers do this.
Jamaicangmr  +   1649d ago
Ofcourse it is it's the same damn engine. What did you really expect?
Shackdaddy836  +   1649d ago
Same engine =/= same animations. They should have a dedicated team to make different animations but it looks like they blew that money on marketing...
Jamaicangmr  +   1649d ago
I mean't if they are gonna use the same engine not even updated. What makes you think they are gonna redo the animations?

This is Activision they don't give a crap about stuff like graphical or animation progression. They just look in the attic and see what they already got that might still be able to to pass and chuck it on us.

I mean we still buy the fuck outta these games so i don't blame them to some degree.

Don't worry Microsoft is gonna pay them for timed exclusive DLC so they will make that money back 10 fold.

What is gaming coming too?
ME1989  +   1649d ago
Don't mean to burst everyone's bubble, but this is really grasping at straws here guys just to flame COD. To be fair, pretty much every sequel to a game recycle their animations. Devs cut down significantly on time and money that way.

I'm not saying EVERY animation is recycled, but a good deal of them are.

Do you seriously believe developers make brand new animations for everything in a game from scratch for each sequel to their games? No way in hell.

God of War does it, Uncharted does it, Gears of War does it, Halo does it, etc.
thrasherv3  +   1649d ago
Yeah, some gamers hate for this franchise is so...ridiculous. Understandable, but ridiculous.

And yeah, it's kinda amazing it took this long for some to understand that game developers actually use shit from their previous game. It shows the level of ignorance some readers have on here. Next think you'll know developers will be *gasp* recycling audio files.
earbus  +   1649d ago
It may need new a new engine and so forth but then the main fans would bitch if gameplay changed too much ,so why just please the haters ,if ur on a good thing stick to it.
RaymondM  +   1649d ago
Damn, so much hate here. Eh, never was a CoD fan anyway
ndl1531  +   1649d ago
everything in that piece of trash is recycled . they are milking the cow dry folks . this trash has become so commercialised and the sad part is most people are content with this mediocre garbage WHY? cod4 was great in 2006 but its 2011 and i really wish they tried to push the franchise forward but at this point its pointless to ask for some inovation of a game thats been stale for the past 5 years
#23 (Edited 1649d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
thrasherv3  +   1649d ago
"cod4 was great in 2006"

Fucking hipster.

CoD isn't know for pushing on the innovation side of gameplay. And I'm not sure how it's medicore when, according to you, CoD4 was great but the franchise hasn't changed. If it hasn't changed then it should still be great, right? Unless you are a casual person who likes something for one summer then moves onto the next great thing. I hate to tell you this, but CoD4 is a reskin of CoD2. And that's a reskin of vCoD. And that's just a well polished version of MoH:AA. I have been playing the same game for almost 10 years. Stop complaining and buy BF3 which is nothing like the previous
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ndl1531  +   1649d ago
hipster ? by your logic games shuldnt change at all then right ? whats the point same'ol $hit keeps you happy im 31 and been gaming since 1985 homie right now i own a ps3. dsi. psp. gba . ps2 . currently have 100 hrs on bordelands and did 72 hrs on mass effect 2 so i think im no casual. like i said cod4 was great back in 2006 and like it or not $hit gets old and pretty quick too . any fanboy can see activision is milking the $hit out of this .same old tired a$$ engine over and over and the sad thing is people like u who keep this franchise from moving forward because u gonna run and buy it like the millions of others so guess what activision says? "okay folks time to milk the cow just slap together onother cod whith that same tired old engine we did way back and lets take these suckas for every penny they've got" cuz less is more right ? sad thing is its gonna sell millions but remember mcdonald's also sell millions but that doesn't make it the best burger ever does it.
thrasherv3  +   1649d ago
"hipster ? by your logic games shuldnt change at all then right ?"

Do you know what hipster means? I was making a joke. CoD4 came out in 2007, not 2006. Get it?

And just because you own so many game systems and video games doesn't mean you're not a casual person. In point of fact, it actually enforces it. Causal personality =/= "causal" games. Don't confuse the two.
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coryok  +   1649d ago
are you kidding? of course they are. those things cost money and take time. they dont want to spend money and dont have the time. annual releases have to be quick out the door, you have like 9 months to actually work on a game that usually requires 2-3 years to complete.

most things have to be recycled for this to work
ME1989  +   1649d ago
Each COD game is in development for 2 years, that's why Treyarch and IW take turns and do one every other year.

For example, Infinity Ward CODMW4 development began in 2005, after COD2 came out that year.

Treyarch began development on WaW in 2006 after they finished COD3 that year, and it came out in 2008, while Infinity Ward was working on MW2 in 2007 after COD4 came out that year. World at War came out in 2008, as soon as that was finished they began developing Black Ops, which came out in 2010.

IW, or what's left of it and Sledgehammer games began working on MW3 in 2009 after MW2 came out that year.
#24.1 (Edited 1649d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
coryok  +   1649d ago
i didnt know that, after a quick google search i do concur. i was wrong about development time
Otheros00  +   1648d ago
Like the guy above me explained. THEY DO HAVE THE TIME. You know what that mean. They are lazy and didn't put any effort in it.
CNXN  +   1649d ago
Was anyone really expecting anything else... everyone left IW
retrofly  +   1649d ago
The animations will be mo-cap (motion capture). Why go through capturing the same animations when you already have them.

The animation is just the wireframe movement, on which they will skin and add effects. Graphics and effects are much more important. It's difficult to tell from the reveal if anything's actually improved.

TBO the MW3 SP does leave me feeling "hang on havn't we seen this before", but then again COD SP has never really interested me, I've found all COD SP's boring since COD2, when you have a MP is so strong, SP pales into insignificance.

Hurry up and show us some MP!
theBurnedMan   1649d ago | Spam
nilamo  +   1649d ago
The modern warfare franchise is all kinds of meh mashed together to create the most mehtastic franchise in the history of gaming.
Murgatroyd7  +   1649d ago
I'm expecting this to eventually go the way of Guitar Hero. Can't say I'll lose any sleep over it.
TheStonedSheep  +   1649d ago
Does anyone actually care? Surely they'd be better spending their time on the story or the gameplay than inventing a different animation for clipping a carabiner to a rope?
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