DICE/EA Cannot Afford to Neglect the Console Versions of Battlefield 3

While DICE has gone out of their way to create the idea that the PC version of Battlefield 3 is the superior version, this also makes the console version appear to be inferior and nobody wants to own an inferior product. Knowing that most of their profits would come from the consoles, DICE needs to get on board and market the console version of BF3 in a way in which it isn't seen as an inferior version to the PC version but rather it's own unique experience.

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Dart892556d ago

I think they're waiting till E3 to show console footage.

disturbing_flame2556d ago

EA can do a presentation on PS3. It's a supposition.
Activision will do a certainly presentation of MW3 on 360.

Anyway yes EA can't neglect consoles when you see a title like Black Ops sold at more than 20 millions unit worlwide and you compare this number to the seel of the game on PC there's like a gap that nobody can't see.

The best version of the two games will be on PC but Activision and EA have a tremendous interest in making an enjoyable game on consoles.

BeastlyRig2556d ago

bf3 might be at the EA conference.

PhantomT14122556d ago

"The best version of the two games will be on PC"

Unless the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 is neglected like MW2's (no dedi-servers, no lean, very limited system setting, no mods, etc.).

disturbing_flame2556d ago

Even with all those missing features the PC version is superior.
On high settings the game looks really better and it also can run more than 60fps.

MMFGaming2556d ago

DICE has consistently done an excellent job with console versions of Battlefield since Bad Company. In fact, it's arguable they've been giving PC the bum deal as of late.

That said, consoles are inherently limited, whereas the sky is the limit for the PC where fancy graphics cards and new processors are king.

As long as the player cap is around Bad Company 2 level, I won't have any complaints.

Pandamobile2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Even though the 360 and PS3 version of BF3 will be hollow shells of the PC version, it'll still kick MW3's ass in terms of over all fun and scale (unless you're a fan of unbalanced weapons, perks and maps)

The author of the article makes some pretty terrible arguments though.

"- Because DICE has pretty much convinced the PC crowd, from E3 until launch, the focus in terms of marketing should be on the console versions, not the PC version. "

Or, just show both

"market Battlefield 3 in a way that says the console version of BF3 is the definitive shooter this fall over Modern Warfare 3. Make the console version of BF3"

DICE has worked long and hard on their engine, and they're going to want to show it off as best as they can, and they're not going to be able to do that by giving us all this console attention.

"Continuing with the console focused marketing push for BF3, at PAX Prime, have a console only multiplayer playable set of kiosk set up to allow the fans to experience"

WHY. People want Battlefield 3. Most console gamers have never even played a real Battlefield game. Why the HELL would they show off the 24 person multiplayer at E3, and not the 64 person PC multiplayer that actual fans of the Battlefield series have been waiting to see since 2005.

"Because multiplayer maps on the console versions will be smaller than the PC version, then to counter that, the console versions should have some exclusive maps that would create a better experience for the 24 players (12 vs 12) atmosphere. "

There's absolutely no reason why they wouldn't release those maps on PC too. PC servers aren't stuck at 64 players. You can go down from there. You can have a 12 person server if you really feel like it.

"This would also eliminate the BF3 console = inferior version because instead of just having smaller versions of PC maps"

No it wouldn't.

"Finally, to extend on the previous point, I would also add exclusive multiplayer modes made specifically for the 12 v 12 experiences that probably wouldn’t work in a 32 v 32 experience. "

Another stupid point. If they were to release these low end game modes exclusively on the console versions, that would end up backfiring more than you know.

"So DICE and Electronic Arts needs to seriously get on the ball and take it easy on the PC version of BF3 = The Best Experience and shine a bit more positive attention on the console version if they want to seriously convert many of these COD fans into playing BF3."

DICE and EA know that BF3 will sell a ton of copies. They're not expecting Call of Duty numbers, but I'm sure they're estimates are somewhere in the ballpark of 10-12 million across all three platforms. What they REALLY want to do is to have that quality bar raised so astronomically high, Call of Duty will never be able to touch it and they can rest easy knowing that they are the better game.

(sorry for the essay comment)

Convas2556d ago

You say 10-12 million sales, but if they do not show console footage at E3 they run the risk of under-selling the console front of the Battlefield 3 and thus they fail in their own ambitions to take down Call of Duty.

I will be supremely disappointed in them if they show more PC footage at E3. Means that they care nothing or very little about Consoles, and that it's probably not worth purchasing.

We've seen what they are capable of on PC. We don't need anymore affirmation on that front.

LOLOLFFSA2556d ago

Agreed. The console audience is so wide and important in terms of sales. If they dont show console gameplay on E3 there might be some problems. Knowing the frostbite engine and its capabilities I'm still going to purchase BF3 to my 360 even if I can see some gameplay 2 days to launch :D

Pandamobile2556d ago

They're obviously going to show both at E3.

EA's plan was to come out guns blazing with the PC footage to show everyone just how awesome their game will look. Closer to the release they'll start showing a mix of both.

They're not stupid. They know they have to cater to both camps.

BeastlyRig2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

"I will be supremely disappointed in them if they show more PC footage at E3. Means that they care nothing or very little about Consoles, and that it's probably not worth purchasing. "

you better hope not not! then all console gamers will just have cod! Unless your fine with that then cool!

thrasherv32556d ago

"...this also makes the console version appear to be inferior and nobody wants to own an inferior product."
But the console itself is an inferior product. DICE are game developers, not magicians. They can only do so much with so little. I still have faith in them. I will be getting BF3 on the console(haven't decided which one) because they always make a solid product. They don't "neglect" any version. But they do always fuck up their releases. Unstable multi-player because of "unexpected demand."

Hey, DICE, order bookoo servers, k?

MMFGaming2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Long time Battlefield fans have come to expect this, to be honest. I can't think of a single Battlefield game that has launched without multiplayer crashing for the first couple weeks.

Surprisingly, Medal of Honor was smooth sailing, so hopefully Battlefield 3 will follow suit.

thrasherv32556d ago

Did it? I remember seeing "unexpected demand" thrown around after the release and players stats being wiped out. But I did not get MoH, so I could be wrong. But if it was a solid release maybe they will finally get a BF game out the door without hiccups. Hell, I had trouble playing BF2MC. No idea how the hell that happened. Only me and 7 others bought that game.

MMFGaming2556d ago

I think that happened with BC2. I don't recall any snags with MoH though, but I didn't play that half as much as BC2 so maybe I missed the downtime.

I love DICE to death, but I'm not counting on a smooth launch. It'd be awesome if it did, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Still a day one purchase for me, though.

SoapShoes2556d ago

With games like Killzone 3 and MAG, there isn't much excuse for Battlefield 3 to be inferior. Obviously the PC version will have higher graphics but the consoles can hold a high level of graphics, support large amounts of players, and there is no excuse for it to be gimped other than graphics.

Pandamobile2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

You clearly don't understand much about the limitations of the current generation of consoles.