RV670 to be named Radeon HD 38x0

Tom's Hardware Taiwan has scored a couple of pictures, but more importantly what appears to be the final model names for the upcoming RV670 based graphics cards from AMD. Although AMD has yet to confirm any model names of its upcoming cards, there was a previous post on GeCube's website mentioning the 3800-series. The two cards from Tom's Hardware are apparently the ATI Radeon HD 3870 and the Radeon HD 3850.

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ShiftyLookingCow4070d ago

wow HD 2000 series is already going to be out of date by a high-mid range card early next year. can't wait to see how this performs against 8800GT.

lynx1halo4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

WOW!!!...just update your video cards....and audio cards....and monitor....and RAM....and drivers....and possibly CPU and motherboard (Total at least $1000)...and you can play great games like Crysis....or you could pay once for a console and your only worry will be putting in the game LOL

mighty_douche4070d ago

very true. but my pc can offer alot more than a console can. PC games like crysis are years ahead of anything on console, but yes, like you state it costs alot more and theres plenty of people who are happy to pay, me for 1.
consoles are great and i love my ps3, but it cant compare to my pc, every game at 1080p res with a minimum of 60fps.

Crazyglues4070d ago

That's a great point. The PC is like gaming for adults. With such advance graphics and gameplay it's years ahead of the consoles.

And while PS3 is amazing, it would have a hard time trying to run Crysis the way A High end PC would.

So Gaming on a PC is still the best and top of the line as far as gaming, but these days you can really have some serious fun on the consoles. Call of Duty 4 is a prime example of that.

No that's not me... just show how crazy it gets on the PC side.

mighty_douche4070d ago

totally agree with you mate. i just get angry when people who have obviously only ever owned consoles comment on pc related issues, theres so little they dont understand. many seem to believe that pc gaming is 'dead', but its far from it, its just that pc gaming fans dont feel the need to spam websites like fanboys. like you said, possibly because of the high prices most of them will be 18+

mighty_douche4070d ago

hope they do better than the 2800 series and the button down the drivers properly. still i think they'll have to make something very special to out do Nvidia.

Dragonopolis4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Where will gamers find their comfort zone as far as what is needed to enjoy gaming. PS3 and Xbox 360 pretty much stole the crown from the low end PC market because there is no competition at that price range. I have a strong belief that the next generation of game console will even be more PC like and will even push into Home/Business Computing as an added benefit and new market to sell their hardware. Competition is so fierce this generation, that next generation consoles will make this current crop look pale in comparison because of the desire to out do each other in the gaming market. These next generation consoles will probably perform at the level of a mid range PC which will probably have the performance adequate enough for other markets like - server or home office.

Actually, with open standards becoming more accepted by the general public, in a few years it won't even matter what operating system or software program you will use because it will all be supported. Game Consoles will probably become more like Apple in concept but with the addition of making most of their money off software royalties and thus can offer powerful hardware at below cost like you see now with consoles.

PC market will have to change. This surge will probably be the last surge for the PC market in the home unless they change their strategy.

Think about it. It will be too tempting for Microsoft when their next game console will be powerful enough to run not only games but Microsoft Office that they wouldn't offer it? PC hardware companies need to wake up and start realizing that this is where the market is and start working on their own home versions. Instead, going around Microsoft and making a basic compatibility for games and software but provide their own take on and operating system and features then use the same tactics that Sony, Microsoft, even Nintendo use to bring hardware cost down and make money on the software.

Microsoft is not on the Hardware manufacturer's side and when Microsoft realizes the potential in the way business is done in the game console world outside of the gaming community it will be game over for the PC market for the Home/Small business markets and lucrative profits for a Microsoft (as well as less headaches trying to appease everybody).

Its already starting, little by little the game consoles are evolving from just game machines to over all entertainment machines. When Sony, Microsoft, and yes even Nintendo (they will bend eventually or leave the hardware market) get settle in the entertainment market they will look for new areas their little consoles can perform well in especially as more power processors become available (Home/Small business; Server market) Offer fast cheap servers or office computers and make money off the royalties for each of the software that comes out for the system.

This, of course, will take time but the light bulb will shine and in a sense has already shone in the heads of the console makers as a way to make money but still appease the money tight gaming market. Its the PC markets stubbornness to provide true home Computer hardware and not some water down business machines or super high end workstation with useless upgrade options that the "Average" home user will never use or need.

The enemy of the PC market is the PC market itself.

I haven't even gone into depth about where the consumers will draw the line with Power. How far will Pixel amount in Games become a pointless argument because the gamers eye on the average won't perceive the differents between xxxxp and yyyyp and pay gobs of money for slight change in perception even though in reality the performance was double?

But this is the future we are talking about not today? Today the PC is still a viable gaming platform. However, if PC hardware companies want to stay in the home market they need to realize and see the potential that could explode very quickly from consoles and with a company like Microsoft as one of the participants could easily see Microsoft shift into other markets using the same business practices as consoles enter markets not previously thought of for game consoles (if they can even be called that now)

I'm not an average gamer, I like powerful PC gaming and usually buy powerful system at the time. Four years ago my machine was very powerful but it was AGP. Now, even though AMD is nice enough to provide AGP based computers DirectX 10 gaming, performance wise it wouldn't satisfy a gamer like me and because it is considered high end for my computer it usually comes with a Penalty in Price. Better to just buy a whole new computer and get the most out of the Graphic Card than to save a dying machine. So now what? All the upgrade potential just went out of my machine as a game platform. Whose is to say that this won't happen again 3-5 years down the line. Why do I even have Expansion slots as a gamer if it won't do me any good in 3-5 years anyway because the rest of my board will bottleneck performance or worse not even compatible with newer technology?

I've debated on whether to go again with a Game PC instead of a PC that will perform fine as as a home office/server/video and music manager for my home. I came to the conclusion that its still a worthy cause but I have a feeling this will be my last $2000+ PC. I am impressed with how far Sony and Microsoft were able to bring Hi definition gaming at such low prices to consumers and I am sure the next console by both of them will equally impress and may even hold a few surprises for a sub $1000 dollar machine.

It is good though to see AMD/ATI picking up the pace. In combination with opening up the hardware so people outside the company can improve their drivers could see a much faster "to market" by AMD which was their weakness against Nvidia.

And we all know that more competition is better overall for gamers