Rockstar LA Noire Swag Roundup

TGH Writes: "Sometimes being a journalist has it’s perks. The wonderful folks over at Rockstar NYC have sent us over a little box full of amazing goodies. We decided we would share them with our viewers."

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EDI2394d ago

Give me that Hardcover notebook!

ShadyDevil2394d ago

No. Lol. Well we might give some of this stuff away.

Rob9462394d ago

Pretty cool looking stuff

CranberryPub2394d ago

It's independently, not independantly. I'd change that ASAP fellas.

T-K47x2394d ago

Was scrolling down hopefully to see a giveaway for that book :( I was wrong.

ShadyDevil2394d ago

Why does everyone want the book! lol Who wants a small T shirt? lol