CVG reviews Ratchet and Clank: 9.3

CVG writes
"March 2007? Pah. The real PS3 launch starts here.
Please, feel free to disagree, but we're going to come straight out and say it: the Ratchet & Clank series is PlayStation's current mascot. And it's not just because the lead character is a squat, midget-human-mammal hybrid with a penchant for 'platforming elements'. They've consistently shown the world what PS2 (and recently, through R&C: Size Matters, PSP) is capable of when properly pushed, all the while returning often enough to keep its league of fans entertained and engaged for ages..."

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shmee4069d ago

I feel sorry for 1up and Gamespot. Those sites have lost a lot of traffic after their ratchet review

supermandead6664069d ago

l feel sorry for the gamespot guy who review this game, even 1up look least retard compare to gamespot.

gamesblow4069d ago

And this is normal... they talk about the games sides as if it's not perfect, but an evolution. That Slop dong Aaron Thomas never even reviewed a R&C game. IT's absurd to let him do it this year... Absurd at best. He's reviewed 90% of nothing but sports games. And he's clearly a MS shill according to his profile. Yeah, lets let that grease neck review the biggest Ps3 game out there. Sony needs to do something about those idiots. Black Ball city, folks.

MK_Red4069d ago

Wow, this is the first time in gaming history that a single site acted like a true attention seeking baby while all others acted mature enough and gave Ratchet the score it deserved. Shame on you GameSpot, shame on you.
And I though 1UP and EGM were fanboys.

gamesblow4069d ago

Well, you know... According to ARRON (SLOP DONG) THOMAS, R&C just had too much variety in it. "go figure" That's the stupidest damn reason ever to knock points off of a score. What a complete CRICKET D**K! What it was was he needed to get back to Halo 3, that's what it was. He was probably upset his editor made him review it. What a chump butter ass moron.

leon764069d ago

Let me see the future:
UT3 for PS3 have 3-4 hours single player gameplay;
haze don't even run in ps3;
MGS4 have the same graphics that mgs1;
GT5 is like an arcade game;
God of war 3 gets 5.5 in gamespot;
PES2009 have terrible frame rates only in the ps3 version;
GTA 4 doesn't fit a blu-ray, but fits on a x360 dvd;
FFXIII is not a RPG;
... just give us a break!!!!STOP INVENTING!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.