Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Impressions express what they thought about the new Gran Turismo 5: Prologue demo on the PlayStation 3.

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Hutchy4070d ago

Here is my initial thoughts on the DEMO of Prologue...

+ Car models are spectacular
+ Sense of speed is very realistic
+ Presentation, as expected, is wonderful

- That god awful tyre screeching sound which isnt realistic
- Even the Mitsurbish Evo with hard suspension seems to have too much body roll. Under braking all of the cars seems to nose dive too much.
- The driving still feels a little loose and floaty compared to the current benchmark for simulation, which I consider to be Forza 2.
- I dont believe the AI is as strong as Forza's
- I so wish the PS3 controller triggers were more like the Xbox 360!

So then, quite a few negatives, but Im hoping that most or all of those can be fixed prior to release of Prologue or if not at the full release of GT5. Looking forward to to it!

felidae4070d ago

i totally disagree with your cons.

the AI seems much better than in Forza 2 and the whole game plays more realistic.

sorry dude, but GT5 > Forza 2/PGR4/and every other racing game

CG4069d ago

You are a complete [email protected] lol! how can you compare the stupid A.I in GT5 with forza 2 lol. You clearly have not played either or you wouldnt have came up with that stupid conclusion.

What a dumb ass you are!!

iMad4070d ago

Trailers were much better!

Hutchy4070d ago

Thats the problem with hype, if a company hypes a game too much, the consumer will be dissapointed in the end result and so will the pro reviewers. However if you do just enough marketing you let the consumer make their own mind on what to expect, most of the time they will be pleased with the end result.

Im sorry to keep referring to Forza 2, but in my eyes its still better than GT as it stands purely in terms of the physics and handling. At the end of the day that is whats important, not who can make the cars look the prettiest.

iMad4070d ago

After plaing Dirt and PGR4 i disliked sim games - they became boring for me :) i just want a hour a two per week to have fun driving throught good and spectacular locations. That's what make my eye joyful.

Jamaicangmr4069d ago

I found the demo to be a great improvment over past incarnations. It features greatly improved physics which results in much more realistic handling. The sense of the cars weight,momentum and power through corners are alot more realistic than in past games. Also to implimentation of 2 physics levels makes this more fun and challenging to hardcore sim fans like myself while still accessable to the general fanbase. The A.I. has seen great improvments gone are the constant ramming into your car of the computer controlled cars. Now if you cut them off on a corner they actually brake to avoid hittin you or if you would spin out on a straight the computer controlled cars swerve to avoid you. They jockey around for position amoungst themselves as well. Again just watch a replay and you'll see the way the A.I. drive amoungst themselves you see them goin around corners 2 wide in order to beat each other around the corner. The improved frame rate is also best evident during the in car view which lends perfectly to the sense of speed.

I will not go into the entensive detail about the visuals as we all know the game looks slendid.

All in all am very impressed by this demo, not because of hype but becuase i actually played it an judged it based on it's own merits and on it's improvements. If only we're all able to look past the so called hype an do so ourselves then am sure we'll all be able to appreciate it's many improvments.

T DOG 774069d ago

Yeah me to!I thought we was supposed to get to download the demo today.