Clive Barker's Jericho: CVG Review

CVG writes: "Playing Manhunt genuinely unsettled me, watching the Stroggification process in Quake IV made me wince - Jericho didn't cause me to blink."

"At its base the game is undeniable fun to play - entering the torrid plains of the Pyxis and navigating its time slices with your team of seven gun-toting spectral specialists is pretty engaging.Barker fans will be disappointed to hear that the game isn't scary in the least, and despite the fleshy, goo-ey visuals it doesn't contain a considerable amount of material that genuinely shocks."

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lynx1halo4068d ago

Now i would consider myself a huge Clive Barker fan....and really wanted to give this game a chance....but with all these horrible reviews...i think ill pass on this one

ZombiesNJ4068d ago

I tried the demo and a it took a little while to get the feel for it but I think it's a different kind of FPS. I suggest trying the demo for a while to get a feel for it. I can see the game getting old after a while though, and the number of people on your squad just seems like too much at times. I like the unique abilities, but I don't think it's worth a purchase. Maybe after the price drops to $20 a year from now.