10 "Secrets" You Didn't Know Were in Fable 2

Gameplayer looks into the weird and wonderful places Peter Molyneux should be taking us if he really wants to come through with his vision for Fable 2.

"Now its sequel looms, and a whole wide world of fantasy and adventure lies just over the horizon, promising perhaps the best 8-10 hours of gaming available for the Xbox 360. While Fable 2 remains a promise, it could deliver anything we can imagine. This excites us. Yet we suspect that Mr. Molyneux is holding back. So, without further delay, we present our entirely speculative round-up of The 10 Most Exciting Features That Won't Be In Fable 2.. "

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THE_JUDGE4072d ago

either good or very bad. Peter Molyneux has said some of the dumbest sh*t I have heard a dev or designer say in a long time and that worries me.

Sam Fisher4072d ago

u got to admit having the 3rd thing will be fun to do i mean wow i say f*** u and my slave takes the beating lmao lmao lmao thats wonderful i wonder can u let go of ur slaves or marry them cuz if u can its "the color purple" all over again

evyrew4072d ago

Yep Molyneux has made some wacky promises in the past, but fortunetly those things weren't in the original Fable. But, he is really enthusiastic about making games. Which is a very good thing.

Latham994072d ago

Did I read "the best 8 to 10 hours of gaming" correctly? You aren't insinuating that Fable 2's storyline is this short are you? I'd expect it to be at least 3 times that.

green_ghost54072d ago

I've been following Fable 2 very, very closely. This article is a bit dumb, in my opinion. PM did promise the world for Fable, but he's learned from that mistake. The only features he's talked about, he has shown, so that there won't be any "oh, well you said that was going to be in the game, yet it isn't" He is being much more careful this time around.....I've got a glimpse of the map, and quite a bit of other neat things (I also watch the Lionhead dairy videos over and over again).

No one really knows how long the core storyline will be in Fable 2, that article is referring to Fable. I believe that it will be about 30 hours for the core story, and around 70-80 hours to do everything. This is not confirmed. Just what I think. It also counts as to how fast you want to play the game, and what you want to do. trust me this game will be one of the best games we've ever seen, I think it will be the BEST game! but I'm also a real big Lionhead fan!

A lot of these things in this article can not be done, really, because Fable 2 is not a realistic game, although there has been some speculation as to being able to catch an STD, but it isn't confirmed!!

SlappingOysters4072d ago

geez dude, don't you have a sense of humour? It was written for laughs, surely.

Richdad4072d ago

Peter Molyneux always makes a game such that it will not irritate the player and he will definately improve the bar of RPG, that Oblivion did earlier and these features are good and with new technology and proper implementation it would become prime nominee for GOTY 2008.

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The story is too old to be commented.