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Submitted by rumplstilts 1719d ago | review

Gametrailers The Witcher 2 Review

Gametrailers official video review of The Witcher 2. (PC, The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings) 9.4/10

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Organization XII  +   1719d ago
Fkn Want!!!!!!
MWH  +   1719d ago
Fkn Got!!!!!
Mr Patriot  +   1719d ago
Fkn give me :)
I_find_it_funny  +   1719d ago
Bioware... pls take notes
pandehz  +   1719d ago
Fkn still playn n lovin it :)
PhoenixDevil  +   1719d ago
There was a rumour not long back about this coming to consoles, at the time I didn't really care.

Now I wish it was true, this game looks amazing.
Ranshak  +   1719d ago
Please consoles have ruined many good rpgs, why would you want them to ruin another good franchise. Get it on PC, that way you get it cheaper, you dont pay a royalty to Microsoft or Sony and you support the developer directly by paying them more(since there is no middle man here).
grailly  +   1719d ago
the game's already out, how would it be ruined by being ported to consoles? besides, it would seem that it plays very well with a controler
Ranshak  +   1719d ago
This game wont be ruined however the next one may be dumbed down.

Watch what happened to Crysis, Dragon age. Do we really want that happening to this franchise as well?
starchild  +   1719d ago
-"the game's already out, how would it be ruined by being ported to consoles?"-

By the fact that the next one would likely be made from the ground up to cater to consoles.

If they make a proper PC game and then later find a way to port it to consoles, then fine. But I don't want them to compromise future titles in the franchise in order to play to the lowest common denominator from the outset. Believe me, it would hurt the series. We've seen it happen too many times already.

Get a gaming PC and enjoy this outstanding game the way it was meant to be played. Don't wait for a watered down port that may or may not ever come.
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I_find_it_funny  +   1719d ago
developers themselves said many times they want it on consoles, they're looking inti it, and might get to work after PC release, but PC only gamers will cry about losing this game lol

also devs stated that the game was built with controller support in mind, stop whining

it will be on consoles 100%
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grailly  +   1718d ago
wow PC gamers are really hate consoles lol. Seriously, look at the game, it was built with a console version in mind. It's still an awesome game, and having it be on console down the line won't change that.

also, stop blaming consoles for dumbing down PC games, blame developers for not doing a version that would work well on both.
pr0digyZA  +   1718d ago
@ I_find_it_funny
Of course PC gamers want it to remain on their platform of choice, same reason PS3 players didn't want Final Fantasy 13 on xbox, because now you know the sequel will also be multiplatform and it is not the way it should be made.

The comfort that I have is that they said they will release an expansion at the same time as a port to please the PC crowd if it happens.
PhoenixDevil  +   1718d ago

Of course I'd get it on PC if I could, I wouldn't have complained about it not being on console if I could do that. While I like to support devs I'm unaware of how the royalties or how much they actually get from sales and that would not influence decision on what platform to get the game.

While I understand the standardisation that consoles bring (consolisation seems to be a suitable made up word) which has resulted in PC games being dumbed down its not always a bad thing. My PC is actually a regular stock laptop which cant handle Portal 2 on its lowest settings with out lagging I'm not going to even attempt the Witcher 2, while any good game that plays on one PS3 will play on them all at equel quality which is a nice easy situation to me.

Consoles have produced some great RPGs too such as Demons Souls which the review said provided inspiration for this game so don't hit too hard on consoles but I can understand your point and it is a no win situation unless you have consoles and a high powered rig

EDIT: reading the other comments now, I agree Crysis 2 was nearly broken due to being on consoles (I reviewed the PS3 version on N4G) tho tbh Dragon Age 2 was horrible for most players I don't kno if that was directly cause of the consolisation

@ I_find_it_funny

Yh thats prob where i heard the rumours from originally we'll see hopefully it will :) I dnt mind getting less graphics providing the core gameplay is there and all the quests and stuff and I do think that the PC version should be the best unfortunately in the 'political' gaming climate devs have to make all versions 'equal' which is what the PC gamers are worried about


well said its a good point its a tough situation, shame they dnt just make all games the best they can for that version
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chak_  +   1719d ago
Just finished it. Man I feel empty.
razorpakk  +   1719d ago
Very happy that's getting the attention it diserves :D
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   1719d ago
Might be a launch title for the next Xbox, Not coming to a PS3 and their is no PS4 anytime soon
ESRB rating suggests it might come to an Xbox 360, but I doubt it unless they tone down the graphics for the Xbox 360 version. Probably an E3 announce coming for the next Xbox seeing that Epic also showed off their Next Gen technology, which they wouldn't unless Microsoft was not up to something, as we all know how the relationship between Epic and Microsoft is:
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Apollyn  +   1719d ago
I doubt next gen consoles will hit the recommended spec for this game they would still need to tone down graphics.
Just saying
Ranshak  +   1719d ago
Next gen consoles would have to be as big as some PCs today to match the power we enjoy on PC today. There are some reasons for this:

Heat- current GPUs put out alot of heat to generate the power they do. Putting such a gpu in a closed down casing like a console would cause a melt down. (hello rrod, ylod)

Power requirement- Consoles would have to start shipping with a real PSU like on PCs to support the power requirement current gpus need.

in other words consoles will become even more like pcs. Big, heavy except they will be locked down and controlled by MS and Sony and will require a royalty per game.
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jetlian  +   1719d ago
consoles are state of the art on release day a pc today won't need nearly as much 1-2 years from now.
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Apollyn  +   1719d ago
@Jetlian, How do you figure that out when the ps3 and 360 came they was not state of the art. My 9 year old system out performs them both and that wasn't even an ultra high end PC. The next Gen of consoles wont out perform my current system thhat I built 3 years ago.

The idea that console hardware can be on par with PC is delusional even on day 1 launch.
jetlian  +   1718d ago
what game you run looked better? please do tell me!
Apollyn  +   1718d ago
Wait a minute WHERE have i just mentioned looks ? I said PERFORMED the original crysis still looks better than alot of console games including crysis 2, Especially with natural mod.

Im not on about a sodding graphics war as even putting consoles with pcs there is ridiculous as consoles just CANT compare stop being a delusional fan boy and face the facts.
Consoles have not and will not be on par with PC hardware for a LONG time.

and let me just add i cant wait for uncharted 3 <3
jetlian  +   1718d ago
is 07 xbox/ps3 05 and 06. most people on here think crysis 1 looks better than 2 which isn't the case.

mods over the years have made crysis 1 look so good. performing and looks are interchangable depending on what programmers trying to do!

Same reason gow3 textures look good. If gow3 was a full fledged 3d game its textures would come down.

People hate cod yet it sport 4 player splitscreen which is why it won't ever have a major graphics over hall
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Apollyn  +   1718d ago
I give up again must I state that I wasn't on about visually performance has so much more than a graphics card to worry about.

Do you not realise that pretty graphics mean sod all if rest can't keep up that's the problem.

A game that out performs most console game is WoW. Pretty much any RTS Christ CnC generals out performs. But hey trying to have a conversation about hardware performance to someone that seems to constantly revert back to graphics is harder work that trying to convert a radicalised Muslim to Christianity.

jetlian  +   1718d ago
can do rts on console just without keyboard be prepared for complex button set ups.

my whole point was the next gen won't need towers just to be on pc level

consoles don't need everything a pc needs to function yet still can match on certain things
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Mr Patriot  +   1719d ago

Pass on the crack you're smokin
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   1719d ago
I hope it does not come to consoles because this is right now the PC's crowning jewel. But...
...Microsoft gets what Microsoft wants and if Microsoft wants the Witcher 2 of their console there is not too much that can be done about it unless every PC Gamer in the world buys The Witcher 2. Look what happened to Crysis, not even 4.5 Millions copies sold on PC could not save it from going to consoles.
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Perkel  +   1719d ago
@ FasterThanFTL

''Look what happened to Crysis, not even 4.5 Millions copies sold on PC"

Crysis is a technological techdemo and it's worse in gameplay than Farcry1.

When graphic will old no one will remember crysis for anything.
razorpakk  +   1719d ago
Honestly I Do hope that it comes to consoles, CD Projekt Red diserves great sales that only multiplatform games can provide.

And i doubt it would be doumbed down, why can't we just have faith in developers anymore?
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MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1719d ago
Bringing it to consoles really...

Consoles (particulary xbox & multiplats) have just become the kids corner for gaming recently, everything has been simplified, "streamlined" aka all depth ripped right out of the game.

Everything has changed in the face of the new cash cow.

Casual gamers.

And whats interesting about these gamers is if something is to hard for them they cry, they bitch, they moan and since unfortunetely there is more stupid people in this world who cant rise to a challenge and who prefer to have everything as easy and oppurtunistic as possible they translate these mentalitys into their gaming habits.

If I had my way we would live like Sparta, weak? cant rise to challenges? mental capacity cant figure a simple video game out?

Well I would have one thing to say to you.....

PC is the last haven of true gaming, PS3 shows innovation and promise, 360 is a casual gaming hub.
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Perkel  +   1719d ago
remember it's up to developer how they create games, not Consoles diagram.

When witcher 1 was created for consoles CD RED said it will be 1:1 copy in therm of story world etc with improvements in combat.

As of Witcher 2 console port.

Game is already PAd friendly. I play it on my x360 controller and it never feels wrong.

Trust CD Project they know what are they doing.
Tyre  +   1718d ago
I agree with MARKUS_MAX1MUS and jetlian, but the Next Xbox & PS4 will be more state of the art than like Xbox 360 in 2005 compared to Xbox 1/PC graphicsquality in 2005, MS & Sony know this and also know that the core crowd will adopt early, they will have the casual crowd on this gen consoles next to it (different from 2005) this will generate extra secure income with low dev costs, so they can invest a lot more in the new generation of consoles, expect a huge jump in hardware, a bigger leap than from Xbox 1/PS2 to Xbox360/PS3. We don't know when but estimates are within 2 years(that's almost 8 years since last gens introduction and if it will be prototype hardware again than the leap will make the last gen look like going from N64 hardware/visuals to Xbox360/PS3 (maybe a bigger leap even).
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BeastlyRig  +   1719d ago
I don't care if it comes to console as long I don't have to play the low res version , lower quality texture version & pay $60 to play it I'm cool!

Just like bf3 coming to consoles almost means nothing to me since they are pc focused..

This is why pc cost more! Pay more to get more! Perfect sense!
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Perkel  +   1719d ago
GOTY 2011

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