IGN Reviews Conan 6.7

IGN writes: "Oh Conan, you had me at topless girls and promptly lost me when the Cimmerian started using magic. This is as unashamedly a God of War rip-off as I have seen so far in gaming. That solicits a comparison between the two games; Conan doesn't fare well. God of War is a superior game in all facets. Even without the direct comparison -- even if you can pretend GoW never existed and this is somehow all new -- nothing is done exceptionally well. The graphics, the combat, the design, the sound are all just okay. With a final boss battle that is as painful as a trip to the proctologist, Conan is a game best rented for a one-day lark. It's certainly not worth spending $60 on."

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Sam Fisher3702d ago

Gow but then agian i d rather get it than conan... i found the bee movie game was more fun than this(now thats a unique game unlike conan)... i think they were too generious id give it a 4/10 honestly

Real gamer 4 life3703d ago

Many developers have tried to mimic god of war but none came close. i think heavenly sword probably had the best chance.

Sam Fisher3702d ago

that came out bad aswell

IdontTakeSides3703d ago

Blah .....was never interested in this game ne ways...!!

KINGDRAMA3702d ago

or on a geforce tnt card.

Scarfy3702d ago

That was generous... :)

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