Dated: Unreal Tournament III

Gameplayer received a release schedule this morning that confirms that we will be getting some, if not all, Unreal Tournament III action this year!

The announcement includes a bunch of cool screenshots - not sure if they are new or not.

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xhi44068d ago

the PS3 version comes out the same time as the 360 version, Sony will be so pissed lol

That would be a massive slap in the face, but I remember reading that to consempate for it Epic is making an original IP exclusive for Sony, it was a rumour, however, that would be pretty cool.

I don't want to shame my UT 3 experience by playing it on my crap Computer, so ima have to wait for the ps3 version to come out, I would get the 360 version becuase of it's mad FPS controller, but theres the free online play and mods etc.

jackdoe4068d ago

The thing is, Sony and Epic signed a limited exclusivity deal, meaning that UT3 on the 360 will come out x number of months after the PS3 version, so that will never happen. But damn, games in Australia are freaking expensive.

xhi44068d ago

I KNOW! how expensive are they! I just get mine from play-asia now, it's so much cheaper.

America a game is what, 50 or 60 dollars? Here it's either 100 or 110 dollars! What is with that aye?

I know why, a smaller market and less consumers, but still, it sucks.

jackdoe4068d ago

Yeah, it is a good thing that all games are now region free.

Edwin19894067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

100 Australian dollars = 62.03 Euros (says Google), so we Europeans pay exactly the same price :)

for cheap games you should move to japan :)

DeadIIIRed4067d ago

€60 is like $90US. Its still expensive for us.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4067d ago

You mean it won't happen just like it didn't happen when Sony lost it's exclusivity with GTA4.

I mean hell the only two games that Epic have made are Gears and UT3 and the 360 is they only one that has proven to make them money. "Money talks, bullsh!t walks" and MS has a sh!t load of money and they make devs sh!t loads of money and with the poor performance of the PS3 both in sales and in "games", it just seems obvious that this game just may come out on the same day "for both systems"

I know you hate it but it's just Sony's lackluster performance in the current gen that can change minds and well ofcourse money is the determining factor in changing minds. To dev with Sony right now is costing money, ever stop to think that the dev time used to make those PS3 ports 6 months after they release on the PC and 360 cost "millions" only to sell with a PS3 install base of 4 million with a potential of 200-400k in game sales, doesn't make heads turn. When you look at what the 360 can do with it's "many" multi million sellers and an attach rate that makes publishers and devs go WOW! "we can actualy sell that much on this one system." and you droids whine, b!tch and wonder why the 360 is chosen to be the lead platform for third party devs.

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SlappingOysters4068d ago

Why do you say that? Epic Games... UT Engine III... Gears of War... worked just fine.

360_Rules4068d ago

Like Warhawk! Next year XBL is going to have Frontlines using 32 player dedicated servers.

LeonSKennedy4Life4068d ago

Oh, are you talking about that ONE TIME Warhawk LAG'd??? I still believe it's a myth...

Grow up, kid! Warhawk doesn't LAG. RFOM doesn't LAG. Motorstorm doesn't LAG! The Playstation Network DOES NOT LAG!!!

Live will tear this game's too laggy. The gameplay's too fast.

Fifty Nintendo Wii's says there's more LAG on GOW than on Warhawk...any day of the week.

iceice1234068d ago

Is Warhawk up? Oh of course not SERVER DOWN.

solidt124068d ago

The servers where unavailable one time, one day, one hour, and now we have to here this crap every day from Xbots. I own Warhawk and I never have lag and Servers are always available. I also play Halo 3 and I got lag three times while playing this weekend and I am paying for the service. PSN is free from Sony and I never have had lag playing any of there games online since day 1.

mesh14067d ago

stop lieing its a known issue that warhawks server are alalwsy down and lag a lot p.s not to mention the game is unplayable due to bad desighn i;lll explain u can actaully have immmnese air combat in warhawk just fly around and land on foot is were u do most of the killing in that game it fails .

Edwin19894067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

did you know...

that frontlines has been delayed to 2009??


oh and I have not experienced any serious lag on psn to date, can't judge live cause i've never played 360 online :)

Kr1554067d ago

"stop lieing its a known issue that warhawks server are alalwsy down and lag a lot p.s not to mention the game is unplayable due to bad desighn"

It is not a know issue. I own Warhawk. The servers went down once because of a serverside patch. I suppose your gonna tell me that never happens on xbl? I seem to remember a patch shutting down the whole service a month ago.

I have never experienced lag on Warhawk its a fact that warhawk servers donnont lag badly as you say. as far as your comment about the warhawks not being used in game? That just shows you have never played it.

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Synex4068d ago

I think PS3's will be early 2008 and 360s will be late 2008.

360_Rules4068d ago

No I doubt MS is going to allow Epic to release UT3 eight months ahead of the 360 version. Epic didn't sign anything to allow the PS3 version to be time excluisve that is BS. The reason is the 360 version was behind in development but now its going to catch up to the PS3 version since unreal 3 engine needs extra time on the PS3 to get to the same level on the 360.

Synex4068d ago

I'm only saying this because didn't Epic already have PS3 planned to be released somewhere near November? Then they ran into some issues, and now they are adding more maps. And the 360s version isn't expected to be done anytime soon.

jackdoe4068d ago

They did sign something. They just signed at a time when it was benficial to them. Now it isn't but they still have to uphold the contract.

neogeo4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

PSN never ever ever ever LAGS. And I truly mean NEVER! I honestly don't know how Sony pulls it off. I expected lag, but its not there. My PC lags, LIVE lags. I wish some tec guy would tell my why my PSN never lags.

And who ever said you can't get anything for free?

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eleaz144068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

you gotta see this

looks like you can talk BS about R&C but not about Halo.
Talking about being biased...

Looks like Microsoft puppets(aka Gamespot) are protecting their litte baby

!this is a chaos, even the moderators say you to $hut up just like that, if they see you talking Something about them being biased, or about halo

Synex4068d ago

That's a bit ridiculous.

DaEnforcer4068d ago

First review site proven biased - check

So there goes the credibility of this review sites. Good god, MS is destroying our hobby, they are fooling gamers with biased reviews.

xionpunk4068d ago

As annoying as it is to see people ranting about Halo/MS, this is just retarded.

Snukadaman4068d ago

They are just tired of idiots saying games are "halo killers" go on a ps3 forum too talk about ps3 games...and vice versa for xbox forums...they do the same on the playstation cant mention xbox or kids are seriously looking for more people too blame for your problems.

Lionsguard4068d ago

Everyone should just never visit that site again. Like every big company, if the consumers leave, they will crumble.

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gnothe14068d ago

come on guys!! that is a PLAYSTATION 3 FORUM!! Halo 3 is not multiplat neither is it on or coming to the PS3, so WHY would you be THERE talking about HALO 3. it would be different if you were talking about COD4 or some multiplat game but halo 3!! thats like going to a Honda dealership an asking question an talking about Volvo!!

Proxy4068d ago

The day Master Cheif rang the closing bell on Wall Street, I think it became official that Halo extends well beyond the XBox community. Halo is the standard, Halo is the most widely known video game of our day, and GameStops moderation is a little over the top if you ask me.

I don't participate in those forums anyways.

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