Notch's Minecraft 1.6 Update List

Notch and the team at Mojang has been working VERY hard onupdate 1.6 for his popular sandbox game Minecraft.

Below is the very long list of all the changes that have been made for the latest update, Notch has also been quoted saying "I spent most of today fixing multiplayer bugs. The change list for 1.6 is now 108 lines long" so by the looks of it this list will be even longer by the time it's released on wednesday.

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HK62069d ago

I feel like there is more stuff he could have fixed. /s

joshpoppedyou2068d ago

if you read the bit above the list u will see tht it isnt all the things he's fixing...

HK62067d ago

Please take note of the /s at the end of my sentence.