Two New Xbox 360 Bundles for Christmas

Microsoft announced today two new Xbox 360 Bundles for Christmas.

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gogators4042d ago

but you better be planning for a price drop if you want to keep up your recent Halo 3 push. My thoughts, 379 for the elite, 299 for the premium, and 229 for the core.

djevolve4042d ago

Thats nice pricing and it will out do ps3 by far, they should just keep the games with that price and that will really turn some systems

u got owned4042d ago

agreed. [email protected] the game and bring down the price.

evyrew4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Why don't they just include a free game rebate, or a subscription to xbox live for 6 months. I'd go for something like that. I guess it's a good starter kit for some ppl though... but the lack of a HDD for the arcade could be a deal breaker.

jiggyjay4042d ago

Not many people would benefit from having 6 months worth of live because there still many who don't have access to highspeed internet.. It would be a nice added bonus though to have it free for 6 months instead of the one month it currently has..

Zhuk4042d ago

This is a great deal for holiday consumers and will ensure the Xbox 360s success these holidays against the PS3 with games like Halo 3, PGR4, Mass Effect and many great third party titles such as COD4 and Assassin's Creed which look and play the best on Xbox 360

jiggyjay4042d ago

hey is this coming to N. America as well? i'm looking into picking up another 360 and giving my old one to my soon...

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