Hirai suggests PS4 more than five years away

The president of SCEA addresses the life span of Sony's next console, the possibility (or lack thereof) of a Blu-ray-less PS3, and the dangers of people buying the system just to watch movies.

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Captain Tuttle3978d ago

That there was no mention of an online service for the PS3

jedicurt3977d ago

probably because the question was not asked

Jay da 2KBalla3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

The one thing that I will always respect sony for is increasing the life span of its consoles before releasing new ones. Instead of the 5 year standard they keep their consoles on the market for 6. I think the industry standard for a console should be 7 years just so that way we can really see what these machines can do and I hope that Ms and nintendo will follow sony in this regard.

CAPS LOCK3977d ago

is he talking about the ps4? and i would want a console to last up to 7 years, i heard a rumour that the new x box will come out in q4 2009.

Jay da 2KBalla3977d ago

Thats why its called a rumor.

Microsoft Master3977d ago

I don't care about PS4 yet. God sake, PS3 isn't out yet!!!

Karibu3977d ago

F*ck next-gen, let's wait for PS4 =D

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The story is too old to be commented.