Ninja Gaiden 2 info from December EGM - "No Multiplayer Planned"

The December edition of EGM magazine will contain new a bunch of new Ninja Gaiden 2 screens and they look "bloody" awesome. The pics are will be much better than the previous pictures shown which was first released from the official Ninja Gaiden 2 website via New information after the jump.

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ngg123453955d ago

How would this game have multiplayer anyways? It is needless-bashing for a great game.

BloodySinner3955d ago

Ninja Gaiden isn't a button masher.

games4fun3955d ago

agree to that i think that if i was playing it and saw that option i would go wtf? seriously people the whole point is kicking a$$ in single player the mp would suck due to so many people jumping around to avoid attacks all the time i know i would.

Mycococo3955d ago

so much as a STRONG DESIRE! that would be an incredible multiplayer game but the lag would probably cause a problem. still...

power of Green 3955d ago

I was thinking the same thing due to the speed of this being posted by only Sony fanboys.


Multi player would be stupid in this game.

The fast action gameplay makes it silly to even think such a thing.

TI has already said it would be ridiculous a while back this isn't anything 360 owners did not already know.

The Wood3955d ago

im getting sick and tired of this NEED for multiplayer. Just play some games like you read a book or watch a film. beggining middle and an end. whats wrong with that ?

highps33955d ago

Ps3 Sigma got a ton of downloadable content so I hope they atleast provide that.

The Wood3955d ago

extra content is 1 thing but the need for MULTIPLAYER is becoming annoying. i cant see where you read i was against content or extras i just stated that some games should be treated like other forms of entertainment. having to battle online isn't always going to make a game better

jackdoe3955d ago

Tell that to all the 360 owners bashing on Drake's Fortune a couple of months ago for not having multiplayer.

beavis4play3955d ago

multi-player isn't necessary for a great game.

power of Green 3955d ago

Multi player and DLC are not the same thing...

Are you people in this much of a hurry to bash?.

#3.1 come on.

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The story is too old to be commented.