5 Companies Who Need Virtual Worlds

Over at Tech Digest, Stuart Dredge makes his case for 5 companies who ought to have virtual worlds of their own. It's an interesting list, and one could argue back and forth the benefits of any of the 5.

1. Nintendo: A virtual world from The Big N could easily be seen as a me-too offering to rival Sony's PlayStation Home. But there are logical reasons for Nintendo to strike its own path too, using its Wii console as the main client. For starters, it's already got the Miis, which are avatars in search of their own virtual world if ever I saw them. It's also got the Wiimote controller, which could make navigating such a world a breeze. Nintendo's gaming heritage would give a ready source of inspiration for the world's look and feel, and the DS could bring mobility into the equation.

2. Google

3. Apple

4. Nokia

5. BBC

Read on to learn the reasons for the last four.

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