Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Preview Impressions (El33tonline)

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Hands up those of you who remember the classic Spyro the Dragon character-based action adventure games on PlayStation and PlayStation 2… right, so I can’t actually see you raising your hand, but I can guess that there are a fair number of people who have fond memories of the series, and I’ve got good news for you: Spyro is back in a brand new, awesome-looking and inventive game called Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure."

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Istanbull2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Don't ever... compare the classic Spyro: Year of the Dragon on PS1 with the trash that came out afterwards.

Why? Because Spyro: YotD was made by Sony developpers, then sold to mediocre third party developper, just like Crash.

This shit doesnt even look like the original Spyro. Spyro wont ever be the same again without the original developpers.

OliverKO2558d ago

I like that you're so passionate about the original Spyro the Dragon game, but this new one is looking pretty cool, too.

It may be different, but it could still be really awesome! ;)

anti-gamer2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

sony didnt sold spyro and crash to third party, It was ownd by universal studio and sony helping them (with naghuty dog and insomniac) and after the 2 studio juint sony and left universal studio, the spyro and crash ip left with them becauz it was steel own by universal studio.

TheLastGuardian2558d ago

I hope this game gets canceled. We don't need this classic franchise any more ruined than it already is.

Nes_Daze2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I doubt any Spyro from here on will reach the quality of the original PS1 version.

Tikicobra2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Spyro looks like a freaking nightmare.

The toy gimmick is terrible, the characters are Sonic levels of bad, and the gameplay looks clunky.


I would rather have Freddy Krueger in my nightmares then that thing.

2558d ago
TheKindRoost2558d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.