Assassin's Creed "Be Prepared" Teaser - Official Ubisoft Response Obtained

Ripten's Chad Lakkis and Michael Bencic attempt to get to the bottom of the Assassin's Creed "Be Prepared" teaser by obtaining an official response from Ubisoft.

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Spike473652d ago

does it come out on the pc???????????????????????????? ??????

:( :(

Nostradavis3652d ago

Not sure Spike, sorry --- maybe someone here knows though.

ATLRoAcH3652d ago

This is making me wonder.

Ri0tSquad3652d ago

I think its overhyped honestly.

gamesR4fun3652d ago

dudes in a vr pretending to be a assassin that or virtually reliving the assasins life. Well that or the aliens...

ATLRoAcH3652d ago

Jade Raymond saying the people the assassin is to kill are up to something that effects all the future to today or whatever.I'm guessing its a guy that goes back in time to take care of this problem to repair the future.I'm sure its something like this.

jackdoe3652d ago

Traveling through time is a bit strange. If he could do that, how come you don't use more advanced, discrete weapons?