Why you shouldn't buy an Xbox 360 Arcade

The price of Xbox 360 Arcade is certainly right, but here's why CNET's Crave doesn't think you should even bother with the debilitated system.

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vgn244074d ago

I really think 99% of the contributors randomly go through approving and reporting submissions without reading them. They just want to get their numbers up.

1. Your numbers mean nothing in the real world.

2. Why be a contributor if you don't take the rules set forth by n4g seriously?

3. This site has become a haven for fanboys to argue and post "articles" to jab at one another. What happened to "NEWS" 4 gamers?

ktchong4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Everyone who blogs at CNET's Crave is actually a professional journalist. And just because you don't like a story does not mean it's lame.

vgn244074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

A perfect example of this site's flaws. It doesn't matter if I agree or disagree with a submission. The rule is you approve on legitimacy, not personal opinion.

You just keep scouring digg and submitting everything from there to keep your n4g numbers up. Does it like improve your credit score or something?

Anyways. How dare I step on the toes of peg, the mart, MK, or Rowland. These holy grails of n4g are what keeps the new moving. Go nuke another burrito, and sit in front of your monitor for another 8 hours.

Because I report something, it has to be due to bias?

MK_Red4074d ago

Well AcFreeze, at least we still have TnS. Definition of by the rules :)

But seriously, what good are the rules for if you can't play with them a little. Plus, I believe this is story is not against any of N4G rules.

Twizlex4074d ago

I'm not sure I understand what you guys are arguing about. Any "professional's" opinion is considered news by n4g's standards.

Anyhow, I think people SHOULDN'T buy the Arcade box only because the Premium is a much better deal. That's basically what the article says and I agree 100%. Any informed consumer would opt for the Premium, and the only people that will end up buying this are cheapskate parents who just want to shut their kids up and don't know any better, or people that already own a 360 and are getting a replacement/backup.

vgn244074d ago

The article is written in ignorance. That's why I think it's stupid. *note I'm using small words so n4g contributors understand me* The entire plan for the arcade option is to be cheaper. Not by means of value, but flat out cheaper. The simplistic point that the premium is a better deal is so absurdly obvious, that it doesn't warrant being said.

The "blogger" over looks the entire purpose of the new SKU and writes from a linear train of thought. Would I approve a story saying don't buy the PS3 40gb because the higher end is better? No. Because that's common sense. Is common sense now news? That's all I want to know. Are "BLOGS" with nothing but "COMMON SENSE" news worthy?

jaja14344074d ago

Mr AcFreeze

You ask "Are "BLOGS" with nothing but "COMMON SENSE" news worthy?"
Let me answer with another question, "Are you new to the internet?"

If so, this is what the internet is all about(sadly), welcome to it.
If not, then well I guess you didn't get the memo about the above.

That is all
Bunny with Pancake

ry-guy4074d ago

I agree with AcFreeze.

He has a valid point.

Granted, this is a blog from (more than likely) a professional journalist but the point is this isn't news. This blog contains nothing of substance. It completely overlooks what Microsoft has set out for the Arcade SKU. If Microsoft intended to put out a cheaper version of a higher end model they would have and announced it as such, but they did not.

I agree that a true gamer should not (and probably would not) go after the Arcade SKU because it does not provide any substance for a true gamer. It seems almost like Microsoft's business model for the Xbox 360 is to develop as many SKUs as possible in as many varieties as possible. This seems like similar plan we have seen in handhelds (like the Game Boy life).

This blog does nothing to provide anything of news. It does not even have a rumor. All this blog does is provide tinder to a fire that needs no more fuel to keep running. I just wish (and it is naive of me to do so) that people would overlook these articles and allowed people to reject articles with valid arguments. The problem that is very clear with n4g is that there is no level hand to deal with these articles which is unfortunate.

Capt CHAOS4074d ago

this site is becoming a bore..

Twizlex4074d ago

Not everything has to be "news" to be posted on here. This story isn't listed as news, it's listed as an article. Interviews aren't "news" either but they certainly have a place on this site. I think too many people are getting confused what the real purpose of n4g is supposed to be.

vgn244074d ago

You almost sounded like you knew what you were talking about. Yes, this is an article and articles can have a place if worthy. You can't tell all these people they're wrong about not thinking it's worthy.

On to the whole reason I responded. WTF are you talking about when you say interviews aren't news? The hope is always that the interview reveals something NEW genius. The whole point is to get info first hand from someone high up in the involvement. That was serious stupid. Please, please, please think next time; There's a lot of responses and I don't want to pan through them all to educate you again.

Thugbot1874074d ago

AcFreeze has a very valid point. This really shouldn’t have got posted, in the past when everything was approved by the creator or creators of this site that would not have made it as a post and would have been rejected. Why? Because the author clearly missed the whole point of the intention behind the SKU, and this seems more like a rant. As for the people quoting this is a professional journalist for CNET, well take not that this article didn’t make it as one CNET listed.

I hope something will be done about all these contributors that approve any and everything.

BenzMoney4074d ago

I agree with you 100%.

However, I've tried fighting this fight (i.e. follow the rules) before; you'll never get anywhere, trust me. N4G is broken. There are too many fanboys with a collective IQ of about 71. Contributors don't get punished for breaking the rules, so they just continue in a never ending tirade to increase their silly 'score' or advance their agenda. The fact they even have an 'agenda' and such a high emotional stake in videogames is sad enough as it is; the constant fighting and badgering you find on this site is just downright pathetic.

Anyways, like I said - I agree with you. I'm just saying you shouldn't waste your effort - it's a lost cause. This site is officially dead from a "legitimate news source" perspective. Has been for a while now - really fell off the deep end around April/May this year, but its been a long time coming.

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creeping judas4074d ago

recommend the premium console over the arcade for what i thought were valid reasons.

tplarkin74074d ago

You get a ton of stuff for $279. If you want a HDD later, you spend $20 more than buying a Premium now.

If you have the money, Premium or Elite is the way to go. If you are short on cash, the Arcade SKU is a great deal. It's certainly better than the Wii.

wangdiddy824074d ago

buy a ps3 80 gig hard drive with blu ray, hdmi, wifi, memory card slots, free online gaming and motorstorm for 499.... Cant beat that..

razer4074d ago

not enough PS3 stories for you to comment on?? What family in the "Wii market" wants all that extra crap? Nobody! Sony is catering to the hardcore with all of their systems and the average family I know doesn't care about all those things you listed. They just want quick, fast and easy games to play..

InMyOpinion4074d ago

If that's the better solution, how come more people are buying the 360 and the Wii?

crck4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Aka people who don't know any better or who don't bother to do research. I've sold Wii's to a few people that honestly seemed clueless. For example one guy I sold a Wii to asks me if I have one. I go no I got a ps3. I need my games in hi def and I love the blu-ray player. His response? So the Wii can't do either of those things?