Movemodo Review: SOCOM: Special Forces (PS3)

Quoting Movemodo's Chris Ingram:

"PS3 has already received one SOCOM release so far with the online multiplayer only SOCOM: Confrontation. Developed by Six Slant Games the game was not well received by fans of the series because of the lack of features and buggy gameplay that is better off left forgotten. Now that Zipper Interactive has returned to command the series, SOCOM is back in action, but there are still several issues that ultimately keep SOCOM 4 from being the top online shooter on the PS3."

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earbus2561d ago

A bit of sobomb anyone.

zootang2561d ago

I've read the Manchester United players and staff like to use Socom as a team builing exercise. They even play it on the PSP when they are on the coaches going to away games.

RowSand2561d ago

the game getting decent reviews lately, i have this game the online multiplayer is really great, if you like realistic third person shooter get this game!!

DirtyLary2561d ago

In respawn, now that people are learning the maps, every match becomes a spawn camp for one team.

You're pretty much forced to play respawn if you want to unlock all the goodies so you can setup your gun, like you could in previous socoms before they turne it into COD a carrot chase.

MidnytRain2561d ago

Not every match in the world.

Series_IIa2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

You can pretty much tell the Move users from the DS users...

... I just go after them side on for a quick kill since they cannot turn and aim efficiently. Simples!

mastiffchild2558d ago

I thought that until I cam up against someone who could really use their motion controls.Christ, did I take a spanking from that guy and his mate! It's made me promise to have a go at mastering it myself-even IF I can't do better than with a DS3 I still think it's a valid control option and if you're good with it I think it's pretty plain that you'll have a bit of an advantage in some areas over controller based players and I didn't think I'd be saying that before release.

I played NONE of the beta myself and only saw a tiny bit at my mates to be honest. All the SOCOM2 vets knocking this game and the luke warm reviews had me thinking it must be a very sub par Zipper game but now i've played it I think it's good. It might not feel like a great SOCOM but it's a great shooter if you allow it it's own bit of the limelight on it's own terms as it's quick, can be tactical if you and your team wishes(and you will be rewarded if you go that way)and is surprisingly good looking to boot-and the core shooting s really sharp with either control method. Really good imho.

I also feel that it's got mass appeal had Sony really pushed it as most of my COD playing mates who've had a go on mine think it's an incredible TPS and can't see why they hadn't heard more about it or why Sony haven't pushed it really hard. They tend to like the SP a lot as well which shocked me a bit as they ONLY really play COD and a bit of Fifa! Seriously, if the game had arrived on more radars I think it would have rally appealed as it's pretty pick up and play but there's still a bit more depth to it if you choose to look soit makes a great step between the likes of COD and the more demanding shooters like TF2 or MAG.

Either way I really don;'t see it as a 7/10 game at all and would be giving it around the 8.5 mark which would be higher if it weren't for the lacking characters in the SP. I think the localised hero thing works against it as it can feel a little patronising and comes off as more false, somehow, once you know about it! Anyway, I never thought it would b a match for KZ3 before paying them both but have to say that online it's better and nearly beats it out in SP too-only KZ3's prettiness and more solid campaign performance sees it home though that's as much to do with the fact they messed up after KZ2 as anything about Socom!

Anyway,it's a better game than either the media or the SOCOM fanboys would have us believing even if I DO get WHY the SOCOM vets don't warm to it.