10/10 for Ratchet & Clank PS3: The Perfection

Play's Brady Fiechter writes:
"If there really is no such thing as perfection, someone forgot to inform Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction to the absolute truths of the universe. At least to my universe. See, the thing is, there was not one moment in this pure joy of a game that let me down or made me wish it was tweaked just slightly differently, and I can't say that about any game I've played this year. Perhaps in the end I enjoyed, say, Bioshock more on a different level, but there are plenty of things that irked me during that experience. Tools of Destruction nails every mark."

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MK_Red4074d ago

3 perfect scores so far. Better than great. 1UP is looking worse and dumber by the minute.

Jdash244074d ago

completely agree man..........metacritic currently has ratchet and clank future at an average of 93........with the lowest being 1ups 85......the rest are all in the 90's

beavis4play4074d ago

yep, i just saw on the ign site that they gave it a 9.4

mightydog014074d ago

Now this is more like it.I don't know how 1up can hold there head up. They don't know what a great game looks like if it it them in the face. If they got a issues with sony they should keep it to themselfs and deal with it. But dont take it out on the developer cause it its a excelent game and it deserves a great score and the developer deserve a cheer for making this excelent game...... nice one insomniac you havent lost your touch in making a game such a joy for gamers to play...PS keep up the good work you are one of the best...........

neogeo4074d ago

So many negative quotes about PS3

"Dead in the water"
"No AAA games"
"PS3 for blueray only"

And now a game like this to add to the price drop is a big slap in the face!

ATLRoAcH4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Screw 1up.Another perfect score keep 'em coming.

(edit)Not only is this game perfect but it was made in no time and on the PS3 wow.

mesh14074d ago

haha this shows ps3 website are sooooooooooooooooooo biased towsrd game on their platforms no chance this games deserves a 10/10 mkred im starting to belicve ur not a real gamer ive payed games for 20years even halo didnt deserve some 10/10 but this game clearly does not deserve it.

dantesparda4073d ago

Why is this guy still allowed to have his bubbles when he is the nasim of the 360 side? and why aint the 360 fanboys berating this guy? Its all fanboyism on these sites. Shut this fool up please!

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xhi44074d ago

3 perfect scores! "Perfection?"

And i reckon Play is pretty fair when it comes to reviews.......damn Insomniac are mad developers aye!

Okay seriously, I agree MK_Red, what the hell 1up? I think somebody needs a hug....or more site traffic lol.

MK_Red4074d ago

"somebody needs a hug....or more site traffic"
Good one. Bubbles for you :)

jcgamer4074d ago

lol...good one man...bubbles up...

boodybandit4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I tried getting on 1up a couple hours ago and it wouldn't load. I called a friend and had him try, same problem. The site is running fine now but I stil can't access the R&C review on their site. Am I the only one?

Anyway bubble 4 U!
That was great.
1UP is looking pretty small right now on gamerankings. They are the only score below 90.

Fisher3394074d ago

Insomiac has been making AAA titles Forever,

Spyro, R&C, and Resistance

Peekay4074d ago

A justification of perfection! - So rare these days. Too many reviewers have thrown about tens without any justifications, almost criticizing games and still giving them tens. Finally!

lawman11084074d ago

Have you played HALO3,Bioshock, Orange box, Mass effect? not to mention Dead rising. I own each system and I always download demos for each system to see how they look and play, to date I have only bought 3 PS3 games because of two reasons. 1-360s games come out 1st and on time 2-I have found they run and look better on the 360 so far.

CrazzyMan4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Resistance 2 will be just overhelming! =)

Great score for great game. And i think, this game will move a lot of PS3, so will and Uncharted. =)
When parents will see these games in action, they just won`t be able to Resist to them, and with great 1080p HD player inside, PS3 will be a must buy for many people this Christmas. =)

malingenie4073d ago

All PS3 has to do now is put Ratchet and Uncharted in the video consoloes in Game Stop so people can see them and buy Ps3s for themselves and their kiddies.