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PSN Outage - One of the biggest hacks in history?

MMGN writes: Hacking has over the years turned into somewhat of a resume for talented young criminals. With an act of such notoriety tends to come reward of employment, as those that illegally access private information and data -- an act that is arguably on level terms with bank robbery, a crime often punishable with life in jail in North America -- are handed lucrative positions in million- and billion-dollar organizations. (PS3, PSP, Tag Invalid)

Shok  +   1198d ago
Oh my God, let this topic die already. Seriously. How man articles do we need on this?
no_more_heroes  +   1198d ago
that's N4G for ya: beat a horse to death, set it on fire, spit on it, then commit necrophilia.
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I_find_it_funny  +   1198d ago
some websites are kinda late to get hits on this
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1197d ago
Biggest hacks in history? They may have gotten into one of the biggest networks to get it shut down, but this is nothing in comparison to several hacks that have ACTUALLY led to thousands of people losing millions of dollars in total.
darkpower  +   1198d ago
If you keep commenting on them to bitch about why we have them...then you will see a lot MORE of them!

Thing is, people will never learn how this site's systems work. Probably still don't realize that that's how HipHopGamer got so popular.
Shok  +   1198d ago
Um, no, me commenting on these is not encouraging other sites to write about it. Now if I clicked "Read full story" along with a bnuch of other people and give the sites hits, then yea, that would keep them goin.
darkpower  +   1198d ago
You don't get the point of why I even said that!

You take the time to comment, which in turn drives up the temp on the article. It doesn't matter what the comment IS, just that you commented at all. In other words, you clicked the front page link to get this far, then felt compelled to comment. That's all they need.
Shok  +   1197d ago
It drives up the temp........ok? Commenting is not a hit for the site. You're not even making a point here dude.

There was nothing wrong with my comment, there's no reason for you to try to come out and TRY be a smartass about it. No reason for it.

And you really think they keep writing these articles just to read some comments on N4G? No. They're trying to get site hits, it's as simple as that dude. The only person who says things to read comments on N4G is Cliffy B lol.
Cat  +   1197d ago
Actually, darkpower is correct.

Factors for heat:
a. unique views
b. unique clicks
c. comments
d. time

I usually assume people are familiar with a-c. The last one (time) is often overlooked- if you have 200 comments, clicks and views over a week, that story is not going to have nearly the same heat as one that has half as many comments, clicks and views in one day.
solidmic  +   1198d ago
Silly gameAr  +   1198d ago
Oh, the author didn't catch the other 100 articles about this possibly being the second largest hack in history? I'm guessing he did, but wanted to remind everyone that the PSN was hacked a few weeks ago. Let it go.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1198d ago
Break PSN. Blame Anonymous.
Tommykrem  +   1198d ago
Interesting read, there's actually a lot of information about other things than the PSN hack itself here. If it wasn't I'd probably have closed my lap-top because I am TIRED of hearing about PSN being offline, PlayStation Store being closed, Anonymous being legion and anything related to this. I didn't sign up for this crap, all I ever wanted was to sign in.

...And maybe trade cars in GT5
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NewZealander  +   1198d ago
i gotta admit i would like Sony to at least give some kind of update as to when ps store will be back, its frustrating being left in limbo.
cyclonus007  +   1198d ago
Sony told devs it would be up on the 24th. Users haven't been given an update probably because everytime they set a date, something happened and they had to delay it.
zeal0us  +   1198d ago
yay another helpful article about psn being hack/etc

if you can't see the sarcasm then you must be blind.
ThePaink1ller  +   1198d ago
Hasn't this been beaten to death already?
KingPin  +   1198d ago
these articles are still dribbling out. media cant let this go can they. guess theres no good games to report on. psn is back up, ps gamers are back to there normal lifestyle. media needs to lets this go. seriously. sony isnt going to shut up shop. but then agin, we all know some media is biased to favour one console so they will keep reminding themselves of all the negatives of their less favourite consoles.

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Liamario  +   1198d ago
I was just going to say how much this article is flogging a dead horse, but thankfully many other people feel the exact same way.

I think this 'article' says less about Sony and more about the website.
Kewl_Kat  +   1198d ago
How about this?

From the website:
They called themselves Masters of Deception, targeting US phone systems. The group hacked into the National Security Agency, AT&T, and Bank of America. It created a system that let them bypass long-distance phone call systems, and gain access to private lines."

That's actually much worse than the Sony-related hacks.

Or this?

From the website:
"Gary McKinnon
Having hacked more than 90 US military computer systems, Gary McKinnon was arrested and is currently undergoing trial for what the US Prosecutor called “the biggest military computer hack of all time.”

That's a freaking hack on the US military. Can you seriously say Sony getting hacked would be much worse than that?
KingPin  +   1198d ago
ofcoz they can seriously say that sony getting hacked is worse. why would they wanna down-talk their own military or any other of the American companies you mentioned. that wouldnt be patriotic now would it?
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TheWeepingKiller  +   1198d ago
Hey author, slow news day?
earbus  +   1198d ago
Well there is still plenty of red ring stories that come up from time to time so u have to expect this too.

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