Auto Cooler Console Stand revealed for Xbox 360 Slim

The Auto Cooler Console Stand accessory from CTA Digital has been revealed for redesigned Xbox 360 systems.

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thebudgetgamer2612d ago

do these things really have a positive effect when used? when i bought my 360 the guy at the store told me it was not worth it.

Stevo912612d ago

The old 1s for the normal xbox 360 arnt worth it but these new 1s for the slims help out quite alot

ThanatosDMC2612d ago

360 slim is fine. No problems with it so far except my dog seems to lick the power button from time to time... damn, pup.

cpt_kaos2612d ago

lol well you can claim you have the cleanest power button out there.

ThanatosDMC2612d ago

It's clean. My maltese just likes to lick everything including whatever people touch in the apt. Maybe he's bored? The apt is faily small compared to the house. It was a sad day to wake up with one of my controller became a chew toy.

Rybakov2612d ago

noooope the worst thing you could ever buy for any system....unless you like killing your systems

captain-obvious2612d ago

i dont think the new slims need those
i cant see anyone buying one of those

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