PS3 Price Drop is Inevitable. Now is Your Chance to Sell

If you have been planning on selling your PS3, right now is a perfect time. The biggest Online retailer is offering an incredible amount of money for your 160GB PS3 system. The timing is also right before E3, which is rumored to unveil a new price drop for the system.

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Warprincess1162496d ago

Why would you want to sell a PS3?

TheMrMadzen2496d ago

What a stupid article. Get a hard drive upgrade, if you need space! No need to buy a new console.

YoungMoney2496d ago

The article covers selling your PS3 because you can get good money for it right now. Where did you read about buying a new console??

Best2496d ago

I sold when the network went down

hiredhelp2496d ago

You sold when psn was down. i hope that was a joke.

kneon2496d ago

Yah it was a joke, he's never owned one, just look at his comment history, full of trolling and anti-Sony crap.

duplissi2496d ago

yeah there is, ylod...

im going to fix mine then sell it.

lil Titan2496d ago

why cant there be articles about hard drives going on sale that fit the PS3? thats what would be worth looking into NEWEGG BABY!!!

HappyGaming2495d ago

This is the time to sell your PS3 if you have a store and have a lot of PS3s in stock before Sony force you to sell them at a cheaper price...

oh wait this is a joke article that is talking about PS3 gamers selling their PS3s... hahaha that is quite funny indeed xD

The only valid reason to sell a PS3 is if you need to feed your children and have no job!

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2495d ago

Woot? You sold your ps3 when psn went down...You got to be kidding!

ikkokucrisis2495d ago

Wow, this Must be a Slow News Day if This article is still in the headlines!

X-DominusRebellis-X2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

This news fails for 2 reasons...

1. It's not cash, it's store credit
2. Read the fine print (UP TO $230 =/= $230)

Thanks for wasting our time, you prick! Not that I'd ever sell my PS3 anyways.

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iamnsuperman2496d ago

Some people might want to. Like for instance to stop gaming and other reasons. I am still keeping mine but there are other real reasons.

Price drop would be good

Hisiru2496d ago

And why would I want to sell a PS3?

ScentlessApprentice72496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

and wait patiently until Microsoft upgrades you to it's revolutionary, ground-breaking, ever-ambitious new disc format. What with its INCREDIBLE 1 GB upgrade to 7.95 GB of maximum storage compared to the DVD format Xbox utilizes now.

Hey Sony, Eat...Your...Heart Out! Blu-Ray What???

LOL, oh nobody better be so damn dense as to not sense the immense sarcasm I'm hemorrhaging here.

Boody-Bandit2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

This "so damn dense as to not sense the immense sarcasm I'm hemorrhaging here" had me bust off laughing so hard my head started to hurt.

Good stuff Scentless.
I wish I could give you 100+ bubble for funny!

blumatt2496d ago

lol Bubbles+ for Funny. hahaha Yeah a $200 PS3 would be unstoppable. Tons of exclusives + an awesome pricepoint would guarantee that the PS3 hits #1 on Amazon Videogame Bestsellers for several weeks/months.

I'll probably buy one for my cousin as well as a copy of MLB The Show '11.

DrFUD2496d ago

you may want to sell one to get a new one.
the smaller cell chips in the newer models even since the first 120GB slims use less power and that can save money on electric bills

clarkdef2496d ago

True plus they also perform better. I witnessed this playing BoarderLandds on my mates Slim, he had no pop in when level loading and he was into his levels faster than I was.

We were playing LAN when PSN was down so being right next to each other I got to see the difference first hand, and the difference is very obvious in the Slims favor.

I wana Slim now.

VINNIEPAZ2496d ago

This is the perfect example over how Sony fanboys are the fastest to over react to anything even remotely close to being a diss to there precious system.

Its not telling you to sell ya system for no reason, it clearly reads, "If you have been planning on selling your PS3, right now is a perfect time."

Maybe some people were planning on selling there system. This is just giving a heads up they might wanna do it soon as a price drop may be on the way. Jesus christ get a grip fanboys. Nobody is out to get you. (well unless they attack the PSN again lol)

Morituri2496d ago


Learn the differences. Might make you look less of a simpleton.

ActivistBike2495d ago


If you want to correct this guy's grammar, you might as well correct everyone's grammar as well. Because I see alot of errors in people's comments in the grammar department.

Moentjers2495d ago

@ Morituri

so, how many languages do you speak / write ???

Say thx to all of us who are so kind to use your language.

justlu2495d ago

either most people don't know math or do not understand what this guy is saying. He's saying if you trade in your old ps3 @amazon you can get $230 in credit. IF you believe there will be a price drop and the ps3 will go down to $199. Then you can rebuy the ps3 and make $30 on top of getting a new warranty and a new ps3.

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Godmars2902496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

The PS3 is going to have a price drop, so you might as well sell your old use towards your new PS3 and play all the exclusives the system has.

So again - what?

xPhearR3dx2496d ago

The article never says anything about buying another PS3. It's stating if you want to sell your PS3 in general for what ever reason.

Godmars2902496d ago

And unless someone is a COD/FPS addict who's still feeling the burn over PSN being down, is giving up on gaming in general, more than likely they're going to end up buying a PS3 again.

xPhearR3dx2496d ago

Or they might end up buying a 360 instead.

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Dart892496d ago

I just can't see myself selling my ps3's cuz they are out of print and they all have backwards compatibility so it makes them that much more useful to me.

jc485732496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

it will break down sooner or later. maybe very soon according to my experience.

Dart892496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Well my 60gb did get the YLOD last year around March i just unplugged it put it in it's box and i plugged back in a few weeks ago and it's been working very well.

@below yes i know but i do have a slim where i do most of my gaming oh and i didn't disagree with you.

Istanbull2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I have 2 PS3's, maybe I will buy a 3rd when it hits 199 euros, just so I can unbox it again and experience the magic of opening the superior PS3 system...

ps: every sane person would know Sony would never announce a pricedrop at E3, those things are more for Games Convention wich is in August, close to the Holiday period.

jc485732496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I will say it again. Electronics do not last forever, especially launch consoles such as yours. When I got YLOD, I just fixed the darn thing and traded it in towards a new slim. If I want to play PS2 games, I play it on my ps2 wherever I want. It's not worth keeping for BC bro, so should seriously consider before it dies again.

Edit: I knew I was going to get a disagree, but you have to stop being so protective of your console and simply face the facts.

Happythedog2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

What if it doesn't? I have a 80gig and it hasn't broke down if it does break that is IF then that is when I replace it.

BrunoM2496d ago

I got 2 ps3s one lunch 20Gig ( that right now it's a 500Gig ) and a slim with 500Gig ..

Not selling any and my lunch ps3 is still going strong .. Thank ps+ for the cloud saving lol that actualy help me cus I do gaming on my 2 systems

So ya no selling for me and if one would break I'd try fixing if no luck then ya who knows but I'd buy another one always have 2 at once

mttrackmaster382496d ago

My gaming pc hasnt broke in 3 years and all Ive upgrade is the gpu.

Sarick2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

You could get it re-balled at gophermods or another respective company. I had 1 PS3 YLOD sent it to Sony LOST everything. Got a referbrished one from Sony it LOST everything then got yet another refurbished one.

In my bedroom one I took a risk ad sent it to gophermods. It repaired without losing any data for under $100. I wanted re-ball service then but it wasn't available. I bought a slim transferred everything too it and packed up my PS3 fat. The PS3 fat has been sitting in a box several months.

Those BC PS3's aren't always dead yet!! If you re-ball them with new paste they're almost as good as new.

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gunnerforlife2496d ago

@Dart isit just me or did allot of PS3s get YLOD last year around god of war launch :/

2v12496d ago

ther are people that are saturate this generation , whit gaming and whit sony.

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lazertroy2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I have a fat 80gb model perfect condition with a 500gb HDD.Not Backwards Compatible Should I sell it now so I can get a slim or stick with it?

lazertroy2496d ago

Where can I sell it? Gamestop only gonna give me $75 store credit for all that I might as well keep it.

ZBlacktt2496d ago

Craigslist for $200 for that model with HD.

the_best_player2496d ago

I have 60GB PS3 with a 320GB HDD in :)

The_Quiet_Man2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

@ lazertroy (wanted to reply to second comment but couldn't)

I went to my local Gamestop about a month ago & asked what they'd offer for my 80GB no BC too (I was thinking of trading for a slim). I got offered a 160 euros for mine (haven't traded it yet).

Your probably better off sticking it on ebay or something just too see if you can get a better price, $75 isn't alot where I come from. Europeans would probably snap it off you & pay more since there paying extra for 2nd hand PS3's in their own stores.

With the games being region free it wouldn't matter although I don't know if an SD TV (old E.U. TVs) can display US PS3s cause of the NTSC settings?). Most people have HD TVs now anyway so it should still get a alot of interest.

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zeal0us2496d ago

finally 199 plz : ) me will be getting one if it that price or lower i won't complain.

news4geeks2496d ago

not until 2012. sony just don't have the finance with the early losses and with psn being down. It's serious business not a school boy rivalry for bragging rights.