Wii Fit Gameplay Video Shows Its Power

Kotaku writes:

The arrival of Wii Fit may be a watershed moment in gaming. More so than even Wii Sports, it looks to usher in a new flock of fit Wii acolytes, ones with amazingly strong cores. It may also "ruin" gaming as we know it. It's either the best thing since sliced bread or the biggest offense to your gaming sensibilities since the Virtual Boy.

(This video shows four games from Wii Fit.)

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lynx1halo4069d ago

great concept.....or just GET YOUR LAZY FAT ASS OUTSIDE AND EXERCISE!!!

ZombiesNJ4069d ago

This is great for the winter months if you the weather is really bad outside or it's late and night and you still want to get a workout (if you don't own a treadmill or weight bench).

MyNutsYourChin4069d ago

I can just imagine what Nintendo is really researching behind the scenes. Think about all this new technology they are introducing into gaming and then think about an ultimate goal they might have for all this new tech. The future of gaming will be very good, very good indeed.

P.S. I could say the same about the PS3's graphical capability for all you fanboys.

ShadoWulf4069d ago

That you could.

These new hardware additions, I believe, will be used in more interesting and fulfilling games later on. Fig. A: Zapper comes bundled with small Zelda game. Rather lame, but think of the possibilities with FPS and rail shooters.