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Super Stardust HD Classic Review

With the PSN store supposedly coming back online this next week, is doing a slew of retro reviews for the five games that we get to choose from. First up is Super Stardust HD:

PSN games are generally hit or miss, but with a formula that dates back to the beginning of gaming itself, you can’t go wrong. Can you?

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jmobley1889d ago

I still want to play this game, gonna pick it up for free when the store is back online. : D

BYE1889d ago

Free is exactly how much this game is worth ;)

beavis4play1889d ago

Ceekay - you can't be serious? for what it does (oldschool arcade action) it gets a 10 from me. i couldn't begin to guess how many hours i've played that game.

-Alpha1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Don't forget to get the DLC.

It's a bit overpriced, but there is a bundle price, which is a pretty good deal

It's my favorite PSN game. It's one of those games you just boot up when there's nothing you feel like playing

I'm really hopeful for a sequel

rob60211889d ago

Yea no kidding where is the sequel? Considering Dead nation didn't do so hot - hopefully they'll be prodded into making one.

When I first got my PS3 back in early '07 this was the possibly the best looking game on PS3, they even upped the graphics with the 3D patch last year to full 1080p.

tomragan1889d ago

It's between this and Little Big Planet for me.

Bell Boy1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

LittleBigPlanet is the better option imo, it is a full retail game with tons of content..

Don't get me wrong I own both myself and Super Stardust is a teriffic PSN

If like platform games then LittleBigPlanet is hard to don't need to build levels to enjoy this masterpiece

rmoar1889d ago

I'd have to agree, the easy and obvious choice is LittleBigPlanet. LBP is one of the top PS3 games out there, I don't know if we can say that about Super Stardust, at least not yet.

GrandTheftZamboni1889d ago

If you have a 3D TV, you should get Super Stardust. It looks amazing in 3D!

OllieBoy1889d ago

Great game, can't believe it's been out 4 years now.

BLAKHOODe1889d ago

I'm interested, but it's a $10 PSN game. When the store comes back online, I want to get the best value I can.. InFamous and Wipeout. I might pay the $10 and pick this up later if I can't grab it for free too on my other PSN accounts.

honestpizza1889d ago

Too bad I own LBP and inFamous already.

jmobley1889d ago

could always get your friend to download it and share accounts

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