Gametap gives a perfect 10/10 to Ratchet:TOD

It has become trite for this title to get a score of 9 and above . However it has got some perfect scores from some reviewers too . Gametap is listed at metacritic and this is what the reviewer at Gametap had to say regarding Ratchet :-

"It's rare that a game critic feels the way I do about this game, but in all honesty, I find it really difficult to find something that's not to like."

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xhi43988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

10/10? not too shabby!

1up must be feeling like a real loser when they give 8.5, and EGM gives a 9, IGN gives a 9.4, Game Pro gives 5/5 etc.

Anyway from the Demo this game is absolutely crazy good and I can not wait to get me some 20 hour pixar action. And they say the repliability is better than the first ratchet..........omg i'll be at it for 40 hours at least if it is better than the original replayability wise!!

so excited :D :D

*is that a bubble i see?, only a mad bloke wud give me one! :P*

shmee3988d ago

1up shouldnt have given it 8.5

I am skeptical about GS review too. They are a little anti-Sony as well. However 1up/GS review wont matter since all other gaming websites have given Ratchet scores of 9 or above

MK_Red3988d ago

Agreed but I believe GameSpot will also go for 8.5. They've proven their dumbness and tastelessness. They gave the lowest score to BioShock (9/10 while all others gave it 9.5 - 10) and Metroid (8.5/10 while others gave it 9 - 9.5).

Watkins3988d ago

To be honest, gamespot is more in line with what's appropriate if they don't rate all the games they play 9+. above 9 is craaazy high and should almost be impossible to get.

I don't know gamespots reviews and what scores they give, but they might think 8.5 is as good as PSU think 9.5 is. It's not that much about the score really, but that's all that gets attention, sadly.

shmee3988d ago

because graphically TOD is the best game on ps3.

Most websites are claiming ratchet to be the best game in the series.

GS has already lost a lot of traffic to IGN and Gamespy. Another controversial review (resistance for instance ) and GS could be in dire staits.

I am 90% sure that TOD would get a 9 at GS. GS cant take anymore risks . If not then they would be losing a lottttt of hits

oohWii3988d ago

If a game has a glitch in it that my prevent a user from installing it; how can it be rated perfect? Hmmmmmm cha-ching!

ATLRoAcH3988d ago

Another perfect score for a perfect game.Now what are they going to say "perfect games suck".lol

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jcgamer3988d ago

wow, they just don't stop's raining Ratchet reviews!

SF49er4083988d ago

Now the ps3 is pickin up steam, uncharted will get the same scores.

StrboyM3988d ago

the real workhorse is drakes uncharted this is just naughty dogs familiar, they have ben doing R&C for a long time, this was easy....the amount of work they are putting into Drakes will trump this easy.

rayzorn3988d ago

well actually insomniac does ratchet and clank not naughty dog. naughty dog does the jak and dexter series. which i do believe they are making one for next year for the ps3. anyway R&C looks awsome. cant wait to see what uncharted looks and plays like. hope they give us a demo.

Ju3988d ago

...which makes me wonder. Will Jak and Dexter as a followup for Christmas 2008 and second gen title for Naughty Dog have the same impact as R&C after Resistance for Insomniac ?

(I'll hope they make a cartoony game, too. Seems it might work pretty well in HD).

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