Guest Writer: Final Fantasy VII I used to be, and probably still am, a big fan of RPGs and Final Fantasy in particular. My first foray into this legendary series was, like a lot of people, Final Fantasy VII on the PS1. Actually scratch that, it was on the PC. My apologies, Final Fantasy has been so synonymous with the PlayStation Brand that I’d forgotten my first experience was trying to play FF7 on a Pentium 90Mhz with 32Mb of RAM. The game box actually stated that it required a 133Mhz just for the minimum, low resolution graphics but I was delighted it ran at all and was seemingly playable on my Pentium 90, and thus my love for FF began (I later discovered, when I got a better PC and a PS1, that everything in the game, including the movies, ran at a much slower pace than intended and it probably took me 1.5 times longer than anyone else to finish the game. At least I had more time for the battles).

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